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Israel Concern Over Iran's Submarine Fleet in Possession of Fast Torpedoes

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    Israeli companies are in a race to develop countermeasures, deception and jamming systems
    Arie Egozi 1/3/2012

    Iranian midget submarine "Ghadiri" (Photo: AP)
    Israel is concerned over the fast torpedo that Iran has developed for its fleet of submarines, and are therefore operating towards the development of advanced countermeasures. Iran's submarine fleet is not large, but it has been upgraded in recent years. Tehran announced several months ago that they’ve succeeded in the development of a very precise and fast torpedo, capable of moving towards targets at a speed of 100 m per second – four times the speed of a conventional torpedo.
    According to experts, this torpedo is based on the Russian VA-111 torpedo. Iran also announced that it intends to construct self-produced submarines, in order to extend its naval capabilities. This is part of Iran’s efforts to protect their nuclear facilities against a naval assault.
    According to foreign publications, Israel's Dolphin submarines are capable of launching cruise missiles armed with tactical nuclear weapons towards Iran’s nuclear facilities. Rafael has developed several deception and jamming systems, not all of which have been unveiled. One of the systems Rafael has unveiled is the Torbuster, a system launched from the submarine or ship when an enemy torpedo launch is identified.
    The system distances itself from the ship or the submarine, while creating a simulated target. When the torpedo locks onto it and approaches it, it explodes, taking out the torpedo. The new system is generating considerable interest among foreign fleets as well.

    Israel Defense | Israel Concern Over Iran's Submarine Fleet in Possession of Fast Torpedoes
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    Why should Israel worring about torpedos ... Israel is not going for
    naval war but air strike .