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Islamic Eschatology

Discussion in 'Social & Current Events' started by FreekiN, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. FreekiN


    Nov 25, 2009
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    I found this article a while ago and thought it was pretty neat so have a look at it. Kind of amazing how accurate it is.


    Islamic signs before the end of the world

    1. When the time for the end of the world is nearing, there will be bloodshed everywhere and there will be neither justice nor peace.
    Everyone will aspire to grab power and mass wealth. There will be false witnesses in the courts of law. There will be acts of stealing, robbery, cheating and lying everywhere.
    People will suspect one another and will not trust one another. They will show no empathy, no love and no mercy.
    They will be hardhearted. Children will have no respect for their parents and will disobey them. There will be abnormal changes in climate, seasons and time will be going faster than than usual.
    Some countries will become submerged under water. Social evils such as gambling, drinking, prostitution, drugs and murder will be rampant everywhere. People will be so far removed from the belief in god that any mention of God, life after death and punishment in hell will have no meaning for them. But these very people, when they realize the certainty and truth of these things before or after death, they will feel great remorse and shed tears for ther negligence.
    Diseases originating from animals and man will spread from one country to another and will recur from time to time and this will entail huge loss of money and wealth.[Sounds like NOW? :O?]

    Gay people will flourish and mariages will take place between man and man, woman and woman. Such abnormal marriages will be proteced and encouraged by constituently laws in some countries. Science and technology will become so much advanced that men will discover that there are other creatures living in other plantes and galaxies. He will discover that these creatures have bodies with structures and functions entirely different from those of the human beings. [HOLY **** SO APPARENTLY MUSLIMS BELIEVE IN LIFE ELSEWHERE? D:]

    2. The outer part of the sun consists of numerous layers (like thin filters) which have bean created by God for some specific purpose. When the end of the world comes closer, layers of the sun will begin to deteroriate and degenerate one after another in different periods.

    3. The end of the world will not come until people discover a mountain of gold. [what?]

    4. Turkish people will fight against the Arab people. A sign of this fight is that the Turkish fighters will be wearing shoes made of leather covered with wool. [I KNEW THEY WOULD BETRAY US LOL]

    5. There will be three walls in the world. One of these is already in Jerusalem, the second will be built in Constantinople(Istanbul) and the third will be built on a place yet unknown.

    6. There will be great disunity in the Islamic world. The Muslims will be divided into 73 groups.
    Of these only one group will be real Muslims.

    7. The Jewish people will dominate a major part of the world in terms of economy and politics. [HOW THE HELL DID THEY KNOW?]

    8. The Islamic countries will come under the control of about 70 Christian and Jewish countries. [Huh?]

    9. The condition in the Islamic countries will be so bad that that Hindus will attempt to invade and set up a idol that some women will believe in.

    10. There will be a war between the Christian and the Hindus. [Dang!]

    11. The Christians will get divided into two factions. There will start an atrocious war between them. [Protestant and Catholics?]

    12. There will be several earthquakes that take place in Medina. (Arabia)

    13. Imam Mahdi (Peace be upon him) will appear in Makkah (Arabia) and he will lead the islamic world and bring unity, justice and peace. His actual name will be "Muhammad' and his father's name will be "Abdullah". His face will shine like a star and and will have a beutifull black spot. His forehead will broad and his nose will be high. He will move his tongue slowly and will speak slowly. Nobody will be able to recognize him until he reaches the age of forty, except for the people close to god and the people endued with the knowledge of the Noble Quran and Hadith. He will wear two long robes, one upon the other. God will endow him with the knowledge of the unseen. He will descend from the lineage of the Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing of God upon him). [what is this... never heard of him...]

    14. Imam Mahdi (Peace be upon him) will capture Jerusalem and Constantinople in Turkey. [OK I LOVE YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE]

    15. Then Dajjal (Anti-Christ) will appear. At the beginning, he will say that he is Jesus Christ, son of Mary ( Peace be upon them ). Afterwards, he will claim to be God himself. He will kill people and make them alive again. When he passes trough a cemetery, and says to the dead to come out of their graves, they will come out alive. When he says to the sky to rain, it will start raining. [WTF I REMEMBER HEARING THIS]
    When he walks, things resembling paradise and hell will follow him. When people see these strange things, they will believe him to be God. But he is not God and only a manifestation of the worst type of evil that has ever appeared on earth. He will be blind in the right eye and his protruding eyeball will resemble a grape. Inside his eyes will be seen a written word that will mean KAFIR (Infidel). He will have a lame leg. His hair will be curly and plaited in two strands. He will be joined by 70.000 people in Isfahan (Iran), they will all carry Black flags and wear black clothes. Wherever he goes, he will destroy people. There will be no person who will be able to kill him. Finally he will go to sham (Syria) where he will fight against Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him).

    But at that time God will send back Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon them) will be brought by two angels. He will proceed to the Mosque in Sham (Syria) When Imam Mahdi(pbuh) sees him, he will ask Jesus(pbuh) to lead the salad (Muslim Prayer). But Jesus (pbuh) will tell him to lead the prayer himself. After the prayer and when the sun rises up, Jesus (pbuh) will tell Imam Mahdi (pbuh) that God has sent him to kill Dajjal (The anti-christ).

    When Dajjal sees Jesus (pbuh), he will run away. But Jesus (pbuh) will pursue him and put him to the sword. When Imam Mahdi (pbuh) passes away at the age of 47/48, Jesus (pbuh) will become the Imam of all Muslims. When the Christians see Jesus (pbuh) at the beginning, they will not believe him to be the Jesus they have been expecting, because he will say that God is One only, that he is not the son of God, that the Islam is the only religion acceptable to God and that the prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of god be upon him) is the last of the prophets and that the Noble Quran is for all mankind. Jesus (pbuh) will also say that he has come to destroy the cross and the swine.
    He will forbid gambling, drinking and all the other social evils. He will refuse to accept JAZIA, that is money paid by non-muslims to be allowed to remain in their own religion, and will wage a war against them. He will also destroy all magicians. [I AM AT AWE.]

    Later on, when the people realize that Jesus (pbuh) is against all kinds of evil and that he has brought peace, love, honesty, freedom and worship of ONE GOD without partners, then they will believe in him and accept him as the leader of all people. There will be so much prosperity in the world that everyone will give his wealth and property in charity for the sake of God, but there will be no one to accept the charity.
    There will be no international borders between the countries.

    During the reign of Jesus (pbuh), four calamities will happen , namely:
    (1) Black smoke will appear in the sky. [A NUKE?]
    (2) Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog) tribes will appear in large numbers to destroy the world. (Before their appearance no one will know where they are hiding). But in answer to the prayer of Jesus(pbuh), God will send some strange flying animals which will bite the neck of the Gog and Magog hordes. [??????????]
    In the morning, these hordes will be found dead and the strange animals will carry the corpses to some remote special place and dispose them there. Then a torrential rain will come and wash away the blood spilled on the ground.
    (3) The sun will rise from the west.
    (4) A best will appear from the mountains of SAFA and MARWA in MAKKAH(Arabia) and it will identify who is Muslim and who is an infidel.

    (1) Before Jesus, son of mary (pbuh), comes back to the world, there will appear more than 25 false claimants and each one of them will say that he is Jesus(pbuh).
    (2) The signs mentioned here are authentic. Those who doubt or reject will regret.
    (3) The compiler feels that it is his duty to share his knowledge about the signs before the end of the world, without any personal, political or commercial axe to grind and without any sinister or ulterior motive. He has compiled this matter with an abundance of respect and love for mankind so that thinking readers may ponders over the sign and seek guidance from Allah(swt) in order to enter Paradise.
    (4) PBUH stands for Peace be upon him

    Book's name:
    Life - A test from the beginning to the end.
    Compiler: A.R Arib (Dip.eng)
    A descendant of the righteous ancestors to love and knowledge of Allah (peace be on them)
    Also know as: Agha Sahib.
    Date of publication: 25/09/2006
  2. EjazR


    May 3, 2009
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    Okay what is this based on? Quranic verses? Sahih Hadith? No indication of what authentic sources are used here. So be skeptical and think about NOW

    Not the future
  3. Sinnerman108

    Sinnerman108 SENIOR MEMBER

    Jul 20, 2009
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    Saudi Arabia
    Interesting ....

    Most of the information is correct consulted and checked ( Dr Israr, Hadith,)

    One VERY important thing to know:

    If we follow history we will see a pattern emerge
    the early prophets had very visible signs and the logic they gave
    to their people was relatively very simple.
    Daud AH could melt metal.
    Moses AH, had a whole many signs
    Yousuf AH, could tell meanings of dreams
    Saleh AH had camel and so on ....

    EXCEPT Muhammad PBUH.

    QURAN : When the Jews asked Muhammad (PBUH) for signs he turned towards the sky. There will be no signs, and if u want you can get one your self but there will be none from us.

    The trend is as human mind has matured Allah swt has turned from visible sings to more abscure signs because Humans are more capable of processing larger amount of data and logic.

    Thus I would suggest the reader to please do not take these SIGNS to be of literal meanings exactly / Only .

    Most of them are very obtuse and one needs to put every thing in perspective before inferring a meaning.
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  4. FreekiN


    Nov 25, 2009
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    These aren't even half of what the signs are according to Quran and Hadith. Anyone want to contribute?
  5. Awesome

    Awesome RETIRED

    Mar 24, 2006
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    Wrong forum. No Islamic teachings on this forum.
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