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Islamabad Warily Weighs Establishing Ties With Israel


Aug 15, 2015
United Kingdom
Which countries who have had support from Zions are powerful and successful?-Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, UAE, KSA etc ?-" If it means Pakistan becomes more powerful and successful then yes I am all for relations with Israel. "

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Then we should NOT establish relations with Israel as it is NOT on our interests to do so as we gain NOTHING from it. I couldn't give a damn about non-Pakistani Muslims. Pakistan FIRST. Pakistan's interests FIRST. NOTHING ELSE matters.
Another hindjew in disguise come out of the wood work? Kiddo , are you blind to the genocides that are taking place and which have taken place and are you blind to who is behind it? Seems like you are a hindjew/ genocide supporter with a hardened heart and a money worshipper ; shows you have an un-Islamic upbringing. Muslims are responsible for their problems and we should be united in solving them together within the Islamic framework. Have some feelings for human dignity and social justice, for one day you may be crying for it yourself.

"There is no servant or slave, all people are brothers!" -Rumi

Apart from Pakistanis, ALL other Muslims do not want to unite and don't believe in the "Ummah".

Taimoor Khan

Jan 20, 2016
United Kingdom
You poor poor uninformed deluded child.

America has ben bankrolling us for much of our history. The golden years of Ayub were thanks to tons of US aid. Pakistan did not have the means to sustain itself in 1947.

They did this to Japan, South Korea, Germany, Thailand too but they actually made something out of it.

You did not make America the sole power. Let's clear this myth once and for all. The Soviet Union was in its last breaths by the early 1980s. The eastern European Soviet countries were threatening to secede and there was a severe economic crisis in USSR by the late 1970s. GLASNOST period. Read about it. Gorbachev decided to dissolve the USSR instead of having the countries fight the Soviets for independence.

USA did not spread terrorism inside Pakistan and neither did India. It was Zia's idea to make all of FATA into an oversized madrassa in 1979. After the Afghan war, those camps should have been cleared up but they weren't and all kinds of foreign Jihadis were training there with an endless supply of weapons left over from the war and fueled by black money from drugs and Gulf donations. See why the world is so hellbent on imposing FATF on us?

Will continue later....

Some of you chomus need a history lesson REAL bad. You've been fed alternate history.

Son, it seems you are the proper brainwashed liberal turd came out of American oversized consulates in Pakistan. Boy, some hallucinations and random crap I read after a very long time.

1947, Pakistan had option to join either western or soviet block, it decided to go western, and hence some small measure of assistance for whatever it worth, something you could have got from soviets anyway if decided to go that path. Joys of multipolar world! So cut the crap, America was doing itself a favour by keeping Pakistan, a huge country on its side. And you making it look like a one sided affair, go and read where the infamous U2 flight of Gary powers took off from. Pakistan has put itself inline of danger many times for the sake of its alliance with American led west.

Let me make it absolutely clear to you, so you and your ilk dont do this mistake again. Pakistan was the first one to take on the mighty bear. The famous "first blow". The rest are just consequences of that "first blow". Pakistan fought the guerrilla war with the USSR for whole bloody year on its own, after the invasion of Afghanistan, before the yanks and west in general mustered some courage and balls to join the war. You see, the liberal trash under the American influence and stories are completely screwed up in head. They start to think of themselves as some of Allamas, all knowing and seeing, in reality bunch of clowns and nothing more. I would strongly recommend to put your reading glasses on and read this. Its from the people who actually knew and real history and chain of events which lead to the breakup of USSR then some random liberal idiot like yourself who might not even be born when Afghan jihad started. I can assure you, I remember that time and I was in Pakistan. First hand experience here. In case you dont know what BND is , google it.



USA didnt not spread terrorism in Pakistan neither India! What a joker. How old are you? Have you actually lived through Zia time? Zia is long gone, there was no phenomena of terrorism during his time , it all started once yanks and their lapdogs Indians got themselves entrenched in Afghanistan. Hell, even Taliban which came much later after Zia were the brainchild of PPP government and their interior minister Naseer Ullah Babar used to call Taliban his childern! You liberal trash not only lose your shite very quickly but also in the process muddle up history and events.

State of Pakistan, all its institutions are naming and shaming India for its involvement in terrorism in Pakistan, you got Kulbi boy under state custody, you got America shielding Indian state terrorists in Afghansitan and in UN when they blocked Pakistani move to label them as terrorist, one of them was the mastermind of APS carnage, and you piece of shite, saying India and America and not involved in terrorism in Pakistan? I have been saying this for a long time, State of Pakistan must clear its liberal trash just like it did with the TTP lot. Both are cancer to Pakistani society. You are living example of this disease.
Nov 18, 2014
United States
United States
What bullshit.

Saddam Hussein killed more Shias and Kurds in his reign than the total number of Palestinians ever killed in the history of Israel-Palestine conflict. Bashar al Assad has killed more Syrians in his reign (not including the 30 year occupation of Lebanon by Syria). But all that's okay cause it's Muslim on Muslim violence.

30 million Kurds live without a state in between Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Palestinians are just 6 million in total. Your majaazi khuda Turkey routinely jails Kurds and denies them their cultural rights. But not a peep from you.

20 times more people were displaced in the 1947 partition than the Palestinians were displaced in 1948 Nakba. But self hating Arab worshipping losers like you don't give a shit about brown lives.

Palestinians live far better lives than Pakistanis. Ramallah has better facilities than Quetta and Peshawar and even Karachi. Seriously. I'm not joking. The per capita income of a person in the West Bank is higher than a Pakistani.

Idiots whose mind is full of religious brainwashing will not be able to grasp that.

I'm so glad the Gulf Arabs are finally looking after their own interests. May they keep modernizing and may you keep burning in hate and jealousy.
Brainwashing, BS you call?

Here is a short,

Trevon wanted his son DeShaun to have a sharp mind and think ahead so he taught him chess and always planning one move ahead from a very young age.
DeShaun did well in chess until he played against one of his friends in high school...
Brian would always beat DeShaun... So, one day he asked Brian on his strategy and found out he(Brian) always planned two moves ahead. DeShaun now started practicing two or more moves ahead.
One day, walking along in park he saw few guys watching two older gentlemen playing chess with a clock. He(DeShaun) watched, as the game ended the loser got up and left...
The other one inquired, anyone interested?
Five bucks on the table and winner takes all! DeShaun felt confident in beating the old chap and put $5 on the table and swiftly lost the first game... on his second attempt he tried thinking 3 steps ahead but lost again though game stretched on a bit, in third round, curious on how the old man was playing he asked, how he played?
The old man replied, look at the board! Repeating the same every single move thereafter...
DeShaun at first didn't understand but quickly caught on starting to look at the whole board instead of one, two or three moves ahead and shortly for a split second he did see the whole board and what the old man was looking at...
DeShaun lost the game but learnt an important lesson...

What's the takeaway?

On the side note, proportional, that is word you missed in your response... whoever schooled you fixated you on unrelated, irrelevant material for brownie points. So, to put things in perspective almost the entire population of Palestine is internally or externally displaced with over 5 million under U.N. mandate. I wouldn't even go into conflicts, control of territories, continuous uprooting and destruction of property and the fact that they're in fact stateless. People very conveniently bring up figures of compromise Arafat and Abbas but what they don't know or forget is that these are/were the only guys acceptable to their opposition on the negotiating table... Hamas even when democratically elected wasn't accepted, though representative. In comes Kashmir and for the longest they too had the Sheiks and their family running the affair, weren't they according to Pakistani narrative, similarly misguided or plain traitors? And Kashmiris couldn't even form a Hamas like resistance, less representation.

You bring in Kurds, again knowing full well or just distracting your reader from proper context. Arabs, Turks or Persians didn't draw these borders, blaming any subsequent government attempting to keep itself together. While for Europeans it becomes a casus belli of intervention and their erstwhile human rights campaign mandating empathetic with Johnny on the spot attitude. A perennial catch 22 for states in Middle East with acquired political boundaries to either keep said borders or quell the insurrection(s).

Gulfies always had their best interest in mind and that was always their continued existence, for that they may feign enmity of zion or friendship at the most opportune time.
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