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Ishaq Dar not to be arrested upon return


Jan 20, 2010
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The Accountability Court (AC) on Friday suspended the permanent arrest warrants of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and ordered not to arrest him when the politician comes to Pakistan.

The Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir heard the petition against the permanent arrest warrants of former finance minister Ishaq Dar today (Friday), in which Dar’s lawyer Qazi Misbah appeared in the court and presented the arguments.

The judge asked whether Ishaq Dar was ill or there was some other problem.

The lawyer informed the court about the reasons for issuing the arrest warrants of the PML-N leader and requested to cancel it.

The lawyer further assured that Ishaq Dar will appear before the court straight after landing at the airport.

Furthermore, Judge Muhammad Bashir inquired the reason for the prosecutor Afzal Qureshi’s absence from court’s hearing. On which the NAB prosecutor told the court that he has gone to perform Umrah.

Later, after a short break, the court while giving Dar an opportunity to surrender, directed that the PML-N leader should not be arrested upon his return to Pakistan and suspended Ishaq Dar’s permanent arrest warrants.
Trap has been set for these wanted criminals, absconders, this time they will never run away like past


Mar 1, 2015
Lol this seems more of a trap..Trap of shehbaz.. he hates daar. Daar must be thinking what to do lol.. What happens when he comes straight to court and gets sent to jail and shahbaz tells bau jee meray bas Tai nai aehh
Remember.. Nawaz sharif back in pakistan means demotion of shahbaz shareef back to a sidekick this time of Maryam.. so he wouldn't want these people back .. this would also mean immediate end of the govt. tenure.


Aug 16, 2015
United States
Bajwa is a like a dalla or pimp and has kidnapped Pakistan and forced it into prostitution.

Vaari, vaari eh saray gashtoray mun chak ke aye ja re, te yeh’i ja re mulak nu. Te dollar’a piche eh dalla Bajwa chudwa rya. Khana kharab da bacha, koi te fire maar daway es posru de sirri vich.


Sep 30, 2019
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I wonder what the establishment apologists on this forum now have to say?

Cheekhain mar mar kar lagay huay thay that they had no role in this, and it as all IK's own doing.

You now mean to tell me that the arrest warrants of Ishaq Dar were taken back by the judge after 5 years, 2 weeks before he is supposed to come, and this was just a coincidence? And the establishment had nothing to do with it? Ya yeh bhi IK ki ghalti hai? THe very guy who the current COAS said to be responsible for this mess, is now being heralded as the savior and being brought back?

Sahi haramzadgi machi hui hai is mulk main. Aur hamaray muqaddar main sirf zillat hi hai, aur kuch nhn. Resign yourself to this fact. The sooner the better.

Aur haan, is ki kamar ka dard aur spinal problem bhi theek ho gaya?

I will give you my analysis for what it's worth. Before, international players knew of the corruption but not to the scale as it has been revealed recently through the whole political drama that has transpired in Pakistan. They provided funds to Pakistan with little or no questions asked and hoped for a return on investment. However, nothing was done with the money, and it was squandered; who will give money now to a sinking ship?

With international markets roiled and turbulence in the markets, each country is now positioning itself to cushion recessionary blows. They do not have time or money to bet on a dead horse. As for overseas Pakistani, they do not trust you before, and do you think Ishaq Dar coming back will bring about a positive change in the future? We still need answers as to where that $ 25 billion go he used to prop up the Rupee. He was not some magical financial guru people had him out to be but were more moronic than the current memon fool who's warming up the seat for Dar.

Only a fool who wants to part ways with his money would give anything to Pakistan.

I will be blunt Pakistan as a nation is a lost cause; it has no direction or policy, it doesn't know who they are besides the religious sloganeering, and even that, they aren't honest and betray their beliefs.

My grandfather, before he passed away, assessed Pakistan. He said as a nation and people who eat from here and go elsewhere to spite this nation should never be brought to the table again. He was not a learned man but a successful businessman who traveled Europe and America before the partition.
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