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Ishaq Dar again artificially controls the dollar rate/exchange rate


May 21, 2006
United States
He was warned not to do this practice in 2018 and again he controlled the exchange rate. Govt price is 223 and in the grey market its 260 and not available.

Ishaq Dar was warned about holding an artificial exchange rate: Deputy Chairman Senate​


  • 10:17
  • July 17, 2018
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Speaking to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Deputy Chairman Senate, Salim Mandviwala, stressed that the Ex-Finance minister Mr. Ishaq was warned not to artificially maintain the dollar-rupee exchange rate.
Ignoring those warnings, the government continued to pump about 7 to 8 billion dollars in the market to keep stable the value of the dollar, he said.
Keeping in view Ishaq Dar’s stance on the exchange rate, the deputy chairman attributed the rise in dollar to the outgoing government and went on to declare that when you hold the value of the dollar artificially to give a misleading picture of a vibrant economy, it would blow up at some point, the results of which we are seeing now.
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