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Is India Better-off With Partition?

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May 3, 2009
Muhammad Aslam Khan Khattak was also one of the greatest Pakhtun leader. He was the President of Pakistan Movement in U.K with Dr. Abdur Rahim as Vice President and Chaudhry Rehmat Ali as Secretary. This Organisation gave the world the name "PAKISTAN".
He was not a grassroot leaders invovled in social work or self sacrifice. He was only supporting the "Pakistan movement". I am talking about people who followed Islam in their lives and not just lips and sacrificed an easy life to serve their people. Read up on Abdul Gaffar Khan's life. When he was buried in Jalalabad during the late 1980s, all civil war factions in Afghanistan stopped fighting for three days as a mark of respect. This was his stature even after death.

All the 4 provinces of Pakistan and Bengal decided in a referendum to be part of Pakistan in 1947. The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa dont share anything with bharatis, nothing at all. The majority chose Pakistan over india in 1947 and thats why they're a province of Pakistan. You are south indian what do you know what the people of Pakistan wanted or not, one man's opinion does not count as millions of people who voted in the referendum to join Pakistan.
Any sources on that? The territory was "awarded" under the purview of Sir Radcliffe. There was no mass referendum except for in NWFP and even that was not conducted with universal franchise. Its about historical fact, not where a person lives. The Muslim League formed a government in Bengal comfortably after the 1946 elections. In Punjab , NWFP it did not. In Sindh it was able to for them government only due to the support of the a European member. These records are in public domain, not hidden. This does nto mean that ML did not have support in present day Pakistan. Only that it was not overwhelming support. On the other hand Bengal province did have that overwhelming support for ML.

Unfortunately, you living in Pakistan itself don't seem to know your history.

By the way, Pakhtuns all over the world are very proud of the fact that they defeated the Soviet Union (the former superpower). If Pakistan was part of india, india would've never helped U.S. but allowed Soviets to control Afghanistan, and even allow the Soviets to use the soil of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to easily control Afghanistan. And it is a known fact that people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other parts of Pakistan were involved in the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan.
It was not only the Pakhtuns, but all the Afghans who fought the soviets, every single ethnic group was involved from Tajiks to Hazaras to Uzbeks as well as Pashtoons.

The USSR put its troops in Afghanistan because of suspicions about Pakistan. Did you know that right from 1950s Pakistan was leasing out Air Basses in Peshawar and Gilgit to US spy planes. Pakistan was also part of CENTO and SEATO. Do you think there would have been no reaction from the USSR even after Pakistan is acting as a base for anti-USSR activities?

Forget being a united India. If Pakistan alone had taken an independent stand and not served up as a US air base, it is quite possible that USSR would not have invaded Afghanistan. No fear of US encircling the USSR using Pakistan, means no need of USSR to "stablise" and occupy Afghanistan, means no 10 years of Afghanistan being ravaged followed by 10 years of civil wars supported by neighbors. And most important of all, no dissemination of subversive and terrorists training to political Islamists groups and their recent and deadlier mutations.

And no thanks we dont even want a EU style union with bharat. No union at all. Accept Pakistan as a sovereign independent nation, thats all.
Pakistan is already accepted as a sovereign nation by GoI. It is naive to keep harping on about "India has not accepted us as an independent nation". Pakistan and to an extent India can only succeed if it has good relations with its neighbors. Almost all democratically elected govt. have always tried to better relations with India including Musharraf. In fact, Musharraf had also agreed to resolve the Kashmir issue and curtailed militants operating in Pakistan. There is already a SAARC mechanism, the IPI and other steps that are positive although terrorism remains a showstopper. So it doesn't matter what you think, but what matters is what is good for Pakistani people in the long term. And blind enmity with India is not, and of course the same applies to India as well.


Nov 15, 2009

It was not only the Pakhtuns, but all the Afghans who fought the soviets, every single ethnic group was involved from Tajiks to Hazaras to Uzbeks as well as Pashtoons.

major slip there mate, need to check up on your heshtoriaa.. tajiks invited russies
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