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Iran's domestic advanced jet trainer "Yasin"

Discussion in 'Iranian Defence Forum' started by mohsen, Oct 17, 2019.

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    you're talking about everything, but not about the Yasin trainer, you don't realize you're off topic
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    Lol! NO!

    I'll say it again Iran has OVER 5 Million active Basij card holders who receive government benefits in one form or another. And these people include full time paramilitary Basij members to kids receiving something as simple as Basij provided class at a community center. Personally before I even graduated high school I took advantage of Taekwondo and Kung-fu classes provided out of our community mosques provided by the Basij and they have all types of class. So being an active Basij cardholder doesn't necessarily make you an active solder!

    The 2 million number your referring too is for the full time and part time Basij members that actually receive paychecks from the Basij

    And I gave you a list of how many different things that makes you think you can just simply jump on that absurd number?

    How much of this math do I actually have to do for you? Fine here is the last one!

    Food and Beverages: If Iran has to feed an average total number of 1Million people and an absurdly low figure of $1.50 per day that = over half a BILLIOIN!!

    And we haven't gotten to healthcare for active, reservist and retired military personal and families (excluding the Basij), we haven't gotten to fuel, housing, maintenance, ammo and training costs.....

    So no! Iran has to practically do magic to even get by with $9 Billion

    And that $6.3 Billion is as fiction as Iran helo size of 126 or 12 attack helo's!

    And NO they don't get those figures based on those factors because if they had actually done that they would have ended up with a number larger than Iran's current Helo force. FYI With over 900 Helo's & +230 attack helo's Iran had the 3rd largest helo force in the world prior to the revolution. So NO that is NOT what they base their info on and its simply fiction just as the $6.3B number is purely fiction!