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May 29, 2012
United Kingdom
The Chanel called Wion, why its so antiIslamic, itsn't that a hinduvata media?

You will find the Indians front and center against Muslims

If Israelis kill Palestinians, they will be the first to applaud

They are that type of people, and we have always tried to make people aware of the indians


Nov 27, 2008
United States
United States


Dec 7, 2022 - Press ISW

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Kitaneh Fitzpatrick, Johanna Moore, Amin Soltani and Frederick W. Kagan
December 7, 6:00 pm ET
The Iran Crisis Updates are produced by the Critical Threats Project (CTP) at the American Enterprise Institute with support from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). To receive Iran Crisis Updates via email, please subscribe here.
Contributor: Paul Stanley
Anti-regime strikes and demonstrations sustained momentum on December 7 as nation-wide calls to protest entered their third and final day. Social media users documented significant strike activity in commercial centers throughout Iran on December 7, in line with the calls from protest coordinators and organizations for countrywide strikes from December 5 – 7.[1] Protest activity similarly continued into December 7, particularly among university students. CTP documented larger crowd sizes on December 7 than on December 5 and 6, although fewer overall protests occurred on December 7 than on December 5, a pattern corresponding to some protest organizations’ calls for more concentrated demonstrations on the last day.
Protest activity on December 7 largely adhered to instructions issued by various local protest organization groups, albeit on a smaller scale than called for. Social media users documented protest activity in the vicinity of Azadi Square on December 7, mirroring instructions provided by online protest groups. Protesters formed in smaller groups throughout Tehran before marching to Azadi square, similarly mirroring the organization group’s calls for localized groups separately meeting at a common location.[2] Tehran and Esfahan protest participants did not engage in chants and were largely masked and wearing dark colors as called for by some organizers, demonstrating the capability of the protest organizations to generate coordinated acts of anti-regime defiance.[3]
Some social media users are circulating renewed calls for silent, anti-regime demonstrations on December 10, although these calls have not yet been endorsed by prominent protest organization groups.[4]
Regime officials and entities defended protracted internet restrictions as a means to quell unrest on December 7.
President Ebrahim Raisi endorsed cyber censorship and restrictions in a Tehran University address aimed at commemorating Student’s Day on 7. Raisi asserted that businesses should be pressured into using domestic social media platforms and insinuated that internet restrictions would subside if protest activity ceases.[5] Social media users claimed that security personnel vetted and approved speech attendees and documented large crowds of Tehran University students protesting Raisi’s speech.[6] Raisi’s comments coincide with reports that the Iranian National Cyberspace Center issued an ultimatum to Meta platforms on December 7. The National Cyberspace Center is an entity subordinate to Iran’s Supreme Cyberspace Council, which is responsible for crafting policies that limit domestic access to online media outlets and social media platforms.[7] The National Cyberspace Center accused Meta of violating Iranian sovereignty and stated that it must nominate a representative to Iran by December 17.[8] The center’s warning may presage prolonged internet restrictions as the regime seeks to prevent further unrest and preempt greater coordination among protest organization groups.
Key Takeaways
  • Protest activity on December 7 largely adhered to instructions issued by various local protest organization groups, demonstrating the capability of the protest organizations to generate coordinated acts of anti-regime defiance.
  • Regime officials and entities defended ongoing internet restrictions as a means to quell unrest on December 7.
  • At least 19 protests took place in 13 cities across nine provinces on December 7.
  • An anti-regime outlet claimed that some Iranian officials are arranging for asylum in Venezuela in the event of regime change.
  • The sister of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued a public letter on December 7 urging security personnel to defect in support of anti-regime protesters.
  • Intelligence and Security Minister Esmail Khatib accused German officials of supporting anti-regime dissident groups in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Anti-Regime Protests
At least 19 protests took place in 13 cities across nine provinces on December 7.
CTP assesses with moderate to high confidence that protests occurred in the following locations:
Esfahan, Esfahan Province[9]
Size: Small
Najafabad, Esfahan Province[10]
Size: Medium
Ghazvin City, Ghazvin Province[11]
Size: Undetermined
Kerman City, Kerman Province[12]
Size: Small to medium
Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province[13]
Size: Medium
Demographic: Ferdowsi University students
Regime Repression: Security forces attacked protesters
Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province[14]
Size: Small
Protester Activity: Fire lit in street
Yasouj, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province[15]
Size: Small
Protester Activity: Fire lit in street, car set on fire
Regime Repression: Audible sound of gunfire
Ghorveh, Kurdistan Province[16]
Size: Medium
Regime Repression: Audible sounds of gunfire in some clips
Notes: Silent protest
Boumehen, Tehran Province[17]
Size: Small
Protester Activity: Fires lit in street
Regime Repression: Security cars ran over protesters, tear gas
Tehran City, Tehran Province[18]
Size: Medium
Demographic: Tehran University students
Regime Repression: Clashes with protesters
Notes: Protesting President Ebrahim Raisi’s on-campus address. Crowds observed outside and inside campus
Tehran City, Tehran Province[19]
Size: Small to medium (unclear, crowd seemingly includes pro-regime counterprotesters)
Demographic: Amir Kabir University of Technology students
Tehran City, Tehran Province[20]
Size: Undetermined
Demographic: Pars Higher Education Institute of Art and Architecture students
Tehran City, Tehran Province[21]
Size: Small
Demographic: Allameh Tabataba’i University students
Tehran City, Tehran Province[22]
Size: Medium
Regime Repression: Security forces fired tear gas, shot at protesters
Note: CTP is characterizing all protesters reportedly marching to or in the vicinity of Azadi Square as one protest
Tehran City, Tehran Province[23]
Size: Small to medium
Demographic: Tarbiat Modares University students
Ardakan, Yazd Province[24]
Size: Medium
Protester Activity: Fire lit in street
Regime Repression: Shots

CTP assesses with low confidence that protests occurred in the following locations:

Darreh Shahr, Ilam Province[25]
Size: Undetermined
Protester Activity: Fire set to Basij statue in town square
Regime Repression: Audible sounds of gunfire or teargas
Baneh, Kurdistan Province[26]
Size: Small
Protester Activity: Fire lit in street
Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province[27]
Size: Small
Protester Activity: Fire lit in street
Notes: Reliable sources report that security personnel shot into resident’s homes and forcibly arrested two individuals. It is unclear if this is connected to reported protest activity or was an act of preemptive intimidation.

Anti-regime outlet Iran International claimed that some Iranian officials are reportedly arranging for asylum in the event of regime change, citing Western sources. The report alleged that four high-ranking officials visited Venezuela in mid-October to ensure the Maduro government would grant them and their families asylum in the event of an “unfortunate incident.”[28] CTP cannot corroborate the veracity of this report and such accounts should be treated with skepticism.[29]
The sister of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued a public letter on December 7 urging security personnel to defect in support of anti-regime protesters. Badri Hosseini Khamenei stated that Khamenei had failed to heed the Iranian population’s requests and endorsed the Mahsa Amini protest movement, stating “I hope for the people’s victory and the overthrow of [the Islamic Republic].” Hosseini additionally called on the IRGC and other armed forces to join protests “before it is too late.”[30] Hosseini alluded to having privately voiced her grievances to Khamenei.[31] Security personnel arrested Hosseini's daughter, Farideh Moradkhani, on November 23 for publicly supporting protesters.[32]
Intelligence and Security Minister Esmail Khatib accused German officials of supporting anti-regime dissident groups in Iraqi Kurdistan on December 7. Khatib echoed regime rhetoric blaming ongoing unrest on Western actors and criticized the French, German, and Canadian leadership for endorsing anti-regime protests. Khatib alleged that German officials traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan at an unspecified date to meet and make an agreement with “armed separatists and terrorists.” Khatib warned that Germany would be held accountable for this alleged encounter.[33]
A Parliamentarian representing Chabahar, Sistan, and Baluchistan Province praised prominent Sunni cleric Moulana Abdol Hamid, who has become increasingly critical of the regime’s crackdown on anti-regime protests in recent months. Mouinaladdin Saeedi asserted that Abdol Hamid could leverage his local influence to discourage unrest throughout the province and described him as a unifying figure. Saeedi warned that protests will endure so as long as protester grievances remain unaddressed.[34]
Iranian authorities have allegedly arrested a Bandar-e Anzali, Gilan Province Law Enforcement Commander (LEC), Jafar Javanmardi. The family lawyer of Mehran Samak, whom security personnel killed on November 30 for celebrating US soccer team’s victory against Iran in the FIFA world cup, stated that local authorities arrested an LEC commander for his role in Samak’s death.[35] Officials have additionally arrested other unspecified actors for Samak’s death.[36]
Axis of Resistance and Regional Developments
There was nothing significant to report today.

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langda khan

Nov 7, 2022
Many years ago, I was briefly on a defence forum of Arabs and Pakistanis. The big dog there was a military type called Coffee or something. He carried both Pakistani and Arab flags.

I had predicted then, this was in 2015 or some time then, that exactly such was the fate of Iran.

It's uncanny to see my prophecy come true.

There was a decent Pakistani type there I remember. His name funnily was that of the Irish terrorist organisation from the bloody days of Belfast. He was hurt. I was sorry. But reality bites. Fire burns. I wonder if he is here. Would be nice to continue our conversation.

I was banned from that forum soon thereafter. Their loss.



Dec 14, 2017


Iranian actor Taraneh Alidoosti arrested after criticism of death penalty

Detention of one of Iran’s most famous performers sign state wants to crack down on celebrities who challenge regime


Taraneh Alidoosti, one of Iran’s most famous actors, has been detained by security forces in Tehran days after she criticised the state’s use of the death penalty against protesters.

She had previously posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page in which she was not wearing the hijab and holding a piece of paper reading “women, life, freedom” – the slogan that has come to encapsulate the fight against the current Iranian regime.

Alidoosti is regarded as one of the most influential Iranian actors of her generation, and her arrest is a sign that the state wants to crack down on celebrities, artists and sports personalities who have used their platform to challenge the regime.

It is not known which department of Iran’s multilayered security services took her from her home, but the Tehran prosecutor’s office alleged Alidoosti had failed to provide documentation to justify her provocative remarks. News of her arrest was conveyed by Samia Mirshamsi, a film director.

Mirshamsi said Alidoosti’s home had been searched and it was not known where she was. Later, the judicial news agency Mizan confirmed Alidoosti’s arrest, saying her case was being investigated further.

Alidoosti has won multiple awards in her career, most notably when The Salesman, in which she starred, won an Oscar for best foreign film in 2016.

The Tasnim news agency, which is close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, said she had been arrested due to her decision to publish false and distorted content that incited riots and supported anti-Iranian movements.

The picture of Alidoosti without a hijab has been liked more than 1m times. It appeared that her Instagram account, which had more than 8m followers, had been shut down. In her last Instagram post, the actor said: “His name was Mohsen Shekari. Every international organization who is watching this bloodshed and not taking action, is a disgrace to humanity.”

Shekari was executed on 8 December after being charged by an Iranian court with blocking a street in Tehran and injuring a member of the country’s security forces with a machete.

Alidoosti’s father, Hamid Alidoosti, played football for Iran’s national team and was the first Iranian to play for a foreign team.

Fluent in German and English, Alidoosti has also translated books by Alice Munro and Nicole Krauss from English to Persian.

She had vowed not to leave Iran, writing: “I do not have a passport or residence anywhere except Iran. I’ll stay and look you straight in the eyes like all these normal people when I scream for my rights.

“I’ve inherited this courage from the women of my land, who for years have been living their lives, every day with resistance … I will stay, I will not quit, I will stand with the families of the prisoners and murdered and demand their rights. I will fight for my home, I will pay whatever it takes to stand up for my rights, and most importantly: I believe in what we are building together today.”

In the latest phase of the crackdown, Iran appears to be targeting celebrities and journalists who they believe are inculcating western values into a young generation.

A press photographer and former member of Iran’s national rowing team was sentenced to seven years in prison, a ban on leaving the country for two years, and 74 lashes for allegedly participating in rallies and propaganda against the regime.

Aria Jafari is a member of the trade association of press photographers of Iran and, in November 2014, was arrested for photographing the protest gathering of the people of Isfahan against acid attacks and social insecurity. His recent arrest took place in his house in Isfahan.


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