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Iranian Navy Impounds 2 US Sea Drones in Red Sea

Iranian Navy Impounds 2 US Sea Drones in Red Sea​


TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Navy’s Jamaran destroyer seized two US maritime drones and then released them in the Red Sea in order to prevent naval incidents in the international shipping lane, warning Washington to avoid repeating similar incidents.

The destroyer encountered the “data collecting” vessels during a routine operation aimed at securing shipping routes and confronting piracy and maritime terrorism, the Iranian Navy announced in a statement.
The Iranian warship then called on the American authorities in charge of the sail drones to change the vessels’ direction “in order to prevent accidents and naval collisions”, the statement added.
The destroyer, however, encountered the drones again, with its calls on the US officials to control the vessels going unheeded on several occasions.
Having seized control of the American vessels, the Iranian ship then resorted to releasing them in a “safe area” towards “establishing naval security”, after which American naval units, which were present there, captured the drones.
The American side was “then urged to act responsibly concerning [the issue of] naval security and prevent recurrence of such incidents".
It marks the second such incident in recent days, as the naval forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has recently seized one such American unmanned surface vessel in the Persian Gulf as well.
The US unmanned vessel, whose navigation communications had been cut off, was controlled and towed by the IRGC Naval Force on Tuesday in order to maintain the safety of routes taken by trade vessels and oil tankers.
Then, the IRGC Navy cautioned the US Army to avoid repeating acknowledged mistakes which endanger maritime safety in the Persian Gulf.
The announcement noted that the presence of the “terrorist” US military forces in the Persian Gulf has always posed a threat to the security and stability of this sensitive and strategic region.

Tehran stresses the presence of the trans-regional forces has been a cause of tensions in the region, but says the country's forces are closely monitoring the entire region. Iranian military officials added that peace and security in the region can be achieved through cooperation among the regional states and in absence of foreigners.
Back in July, Commander of the IRGC Navy Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri declared Iran's full preparedness to fight off any plot of enemies against Tehran at its birth, stressing that the country's forces will teach a painful lesson to foes in case they launch any act of aggression against Iran.
“If the enemy takes any foolish measure to foment sedition or carry out an act of aggression against the Islamic establishment, we will respond in a way that would teach them and their allies a painful lesson and will nip that plot in the bud,” Rear Admiral Tangsiri said on Monday.
He added that the IRGC naval forces, which are deployed in the islands and along the operational routes of the elite force, maintain their combat readiness at the highest level in order to be able to carry out the most difficult missions at any time.
The senior Iranian commander noted the neighboring countries in the region enjoy the capability to ensure security in the important Persian Gulf region, emphasizing, "There is no need at all for the presence of foreign countries who want to be here with the justification of providing security."


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