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Oct 24, 2013

Many so called western analysts where sighting the fact that Iran hadn't publicized the testing of the Sejil in a couple years as some kind of sign that Iran had discontinued the Sejil! LOL!

Iran past year

1.IRGC Aerospace forces as expected showed an impressive show of force, showed continued achievements and development in Missile, Launch systems & UCAV technology.

2.Iran's Navy has has showcased and added new capabilities with new vessels added that brought capabilities to Iran's fleet that Iran has never had before. Although they have had many delays and budget issues at least they have remained on the right path when it comes to research & development and I would even rank them among top 2-3 among all Iranian branches in terms of R&D.

3.Iran's Air Defense forces have tested new radars, SAM's, ECM's, SORAD, AAA & have even managed to develop and test various types of drones and have even given themselves offensive capabilities.

4.IRGC Naval forces gave a peak inside only one of their missile bunkers showcasing a vast stock and over the past year they also showed a good stock of drones and added new vessels to their fleet and added capabilities they never had before. However, vast majority of their stock wasn't developed from their own R&D projects and achievements and unlike Iran's Navy they are rather lacking when it comes to R&D.

5. IRGC Ground Forces have added everything from UAV's & Quad to all types of Infantry support weapons from armored vehicles to unarmored tactical vehicles and have continued to increase their precision and offensive and defensive capabilities

6.Artesh/Army Ground forces again much like the IRGC ground forces they have not only continued upgrading their own equipment but have also added robotics, AI systems, Artillery systems, tactical vehicles, ISW...

7.IRGC Helo forces (Havanerous) Achievements have been minimal and with the help of HESA they add approximately 4 helo's to the fleet every year however they are at least worked towards adding infrastructure & have an active R&D project

8.Army Aviation (Helo Forces) Much like the IRGC the achievements have been minimal and mostly focused around overhaul and upgrades. Although PANHA has vast facilities and capabilities however those capabilities are not being utilized. Unfortunately, they are so focused around overhauling what they have that it has blinded them from what they could potentially produce so much so that when the Russians came to check out Iran's capabilities they were rather shocked that given what Iran already has why they weren't already mass producing & exporting 8-10 passenger Helo's

9.Iran's Air Force - Given all the capabilities they have had at their disposal from facilities to human resources they along Army Aviation are the top 2 worst managed branch of Iran's Military. And it seems since the death of Shahid Sattari they haven't been able to come up with a single good idea.
And today they are hands down the weak link of Iranian military branches


Sep 18, 2019
United States
Did anyone else just hear the news about Iranian missiles firing into Indian Ocean 100 miles from USS Nimitz?!? It is all over the news here in US.


Apr 17, 2014
United States
United States

Imagine if the missile successfully hit its target near the Nimitz AC. If there ever was a way to demonstrate to the US that their naval assets are increasingly vulnerable to Iran's ballistic missiles, even from that distance...

No way a coincidence.
I didn't want to be mention it, but I was wondering why the maritime target strike was not shown to us and maybe the missiles didn't reach it or veered off course or maybe the target was an area rather than an actual object, especially if it was planned to be that close to a US navy carrier group. Maybe they were cluster munitions that rained down rather than a single warhead?

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