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Apr 29, 2013
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Syrian Arab Republic
just look for attention that's all.
iranian actors/actresses and footballers are also looking for some :lol:

thats just pathetic and loos :D

gandesh dar oomad :lol:

this pic :

and an iranian's comment on it :

چه جالب؛ مدل های دخترانه، زنانه، مردانه بچه گانه همه رقم بدو بدو آی خانه دار بچه دار، مرد زن دار، بی زن، مطلقه، مجرد متاهل بیا بِبَر. بدو که تموم شد!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
مرگ بر حقوق بشر آمریکایی.



Jan 15, 2013
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
رحیمی بعد از دریافت این مدال گفت: همه نشان ها شایسته و زیبنده دکتر احمدی نژاد است.
محمد رضا رحیمی معاون اول محمود احمدی نژاد در دور دوم ریاست جمهوری وی ، در 22 خرداد 1392 ، نشان درجه یک خدمت را از احمدی نژاد دریافت کرد و گفت: همه نشان ها شایسته و زیبنده دکتر احمدی نژاد است.
به گزارش عصرایران ، در آن روز، که با آخرین هفته های دولت دهم مصادف بود و تنها 2 روز به انتخابات ریاست جمهوری مانده بود، احمدی نژاد به تعدادی از اعضای کابینه اش مدال داد.

گفتنی است طبق قانون، به کسی که نشان درجه یک می گیرد ، یکصد سکه طلای تمام بهار آزادی تعلق می گیرد.


Dec 10, 2011
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
آقا من از لیزیک می ترسم

مثل سگ :undecided:
عمل لازك رو چشات جواب نميده؟

منو كه عمل نكردن.با اينكه قرار بود تو كرج عمل شم(وقت عمل هم گرفته بودم) گفتم برم تهران شايد دكتراي اونجا نظرشون فرق بكنه.هيچي ديگه دكتر نزاشت عمل شم،گفت برو ٦ ماه ديگه بيا

ای ایران

Apr 3, 2010
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
United Kingdom
Sad story, Reza Barati sounded like a good person.

Manus guards charged over death of Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati
Tuesday 19 August 2014

Two former G4S employees arrested in PNG and on Manus after the 23-year-old’s death in February, according to reports

See: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/19/manus-unrest-two-guards-charged-murder-reza-barati


Manus violence: dead asylum seeker named as Iranian Reza Barati, 23
Friday 21 February 2014

Victim was ‘gentle giant’ who was regarded as a ‘joker’, according to contractors working at detention centre

The asylum seeker killed on Manus Island during rioting has been named as 23 year-old Iranian Reza Barati.

At a briefing on Friday, immigration minister Scott Morrison said that Barati had arrived in Australia on 24 July 2013 – just five days after the hardline PNG solution was announced – and was sent to Manus Island.

“The family expressed their wish to have the body returned home for burial arrangements,” Morrison said.

A group of contractors who all met Barati on Manus island sent Guardian Australia an exclusive statement describing him as a “gentle giant”.

The group said that Barati was “known to be a joker” and that many of the contractors were helping him to learn English.

“We read him children’s books such as fairy tales and Reza always waited and looked forward to meeting with us and reading with him. He studied a lot,” the group said.

“He used to always pick up bugs and moths off the ground and put them back in the garden, worried that someone would step on them. (The guys used to feed the moths to cane toad frogs around the compound for fun... There wasn’t much else to do...) He used to try and stop them.”

They continued: “Reza also always helped staff hand out medical slips and appointment slips to those in the same compound as him. He wanted to keep busy to avoid boredom and keep his mind active.”

The group described Barati as “very tall and very muscly” and said they were worried that he may have been singled out during the riot because of his size.

None of the contractors were present in the detention centre at the time of the riots but say they had met with Barati “nearly every day” during their stints on Manus.

“Reza worked out in the gym a lot and taught his friends how to stay fit and healthy. He helped his friends learn how to use the gym equipment. Many of the guys did not want to participate in recreational activities due to stress, depression and other mental health issues.”

Guardian Australia understands that Barati was detained in Mike compound where the majority of the rioting broke out. He was transferred from Oscar compound due to the length of his stay on Manus, and for good behaviour.

“Reza had a close relationship with many of the other transferees, where one was, the other was not far away,” the group said.

Barati’s body is now being moved with a Papua New Guinea police escort to Port Moresby where an autopsy will be conducted. Morrison said Australia was “assisting” with the autopsy.

It is unclear whether the PNG coroner will also conduct an inquiry into the death of Barati. Coronial inquests have to be approved by the PNG national executive eouncil, but it has not yet issued any approval relating to Barati’s death.
Hamid Kehazaei 'brain-dead' after infection - activists

An Iranian man seeking asylum in Australia has been declared brain dead after an infected cut led to septicaemia, a refugee activist says.

Hamid Kehazaei, 24, had been in a detention centre on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

The Iranian was transferred to the mainland for treatment last week but had a heart attack, the activist said.

Mr Kehazaei's case follows the death of another Iranian in violence at the same centre in February.

According to the Refugee Action Coalition, Mr Kehazaei cut his foot about two weeks ago. Spokesman Ian Rintoul told the BBC that the wound was very small, but got infected quickly.

Mr Kehazaei sought medical attention a number of times, and by the time he received it "he had to be helped to walk", said Mr Rintoul.

He was transferred to a hospital in Brisbane last Wednesday, where he subsequently suffered a heart attack.
His family were informed that he had become brain dead on Tuesday, the activist said.

The hospital would appoint a guardian to decide whether life support should be withdrawn, he said, with the young man's family unlikely to visit because of the airfare cost.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young claimed there was a delay in transferring Mr Kehazaei to the hospital because a request from the medical service provider was denied, reported Fairfax Media.

Mr Rintoul linked Mr Kehazaei's case to poor hygiene at the Manus Island camp.

"Skin and fungal infections are endemic. The toilets are often blocked and have to be hosed out, so sewage gets on the floor. If the tide is high, the raw sewage also comes back up," he said.

A spokesman for Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said: "The individual has not died. In respect to the family of the individual, further details are not able to be provided."

The spokesman added that the government was following "normal processes" and had engaged his family.

The immigration department said last week that its chief medical officer was reviewing the background to Mr Kehazaei's condition and medical care while he was at Manus Island.

In February, an outbreak of violence at the centre left several people injured and one dead.

A report on the incident later found that Reza Barati had been brutally beaten by both security staff and PNG local residents who had entered the centre.

In recent months, the Australian government has come under increased scrutiny for its treatment of asylum seekers who arrive by boat.

Australia detains all those who arrive by boat to seek asylum. Detainees are held on Christmas Island and in camps in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Nauru. The UN and rights groups have strongly condemned conditions in these offshore camps.

The government says its tough asylum policies are intended to save lives by stopping people getting on dangerous boats to make the journey to Australia.

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