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Iranian cars ... Gonna buy if available?


Jan 11, 2012
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Sorry I do not get it..are you saying this is a foreign car assembled in iran...in that case please let us know.
every thing about the car is designed outside Iran Khodro as all other car they produced
Problem is, that most people can't afford the later generation of cars, so our streets are still filled with old cars.
most people even cant afford old generation cars


Feb 4, 2014
United States
What cars can you get in your country?

In the US, we generally cannot get third-world mfg'ed cars - it's basically US/Canada/Mexico, Western Europe, Japan, and Korea. There are very few if any Indian, Pakistani (didn't even know they mfg'ed), Eastern European cars. I mean very few in that there are more homemade/kit cars than those nationalities.

China is selling some very cheap vehicles in the US, but they are generally the kind of thing that a park might use as a utility vehicle, not something you'd use to commute. China does contribute parts to both American, Asian and other mfgs though - my Ford Mustang has a Chinese transmission (and a Spanish engine, so the parts come from everywhere these days).

Kit example, and something I wouldn't mind having :-)
No offense but I don't think you can call Japan or Korea third world anymore, if you meant that. Their living standards are a lot better than most Mid-Western states and even Chinese bigger cities have better infra than most mid or top-tier US cities.

Chinese car market is bigger than the US, they also match the quality (and now, styling) of anything made in the US by local manufacturers.

Welcome to 2021.

By the way Koreans make cars (manufacture, not assemble) in down and out states like Georgia and Alabama. Honda does it in Marysville, OH. Nissan does in Smyrna, TN.

Those BS stories when "pedigree" and "tradition" sold cars (BMW, MBZ, Jaguar) have gone out the Window.

Volvo is owned by the Chinese. Jaguar is owned by Tata of India.

Asia is awash with Chinese cars, even electric ones.

They make quality cars which America does not even make now, such as Chinese marques comparable to Bentleys.

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