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Featured Iran vows 'hit' on all involved in US killing of top general


Dec 29, 2019
how long have you been working for mko.....do they pay good!
They are three or four on this forum who lay claim to extreme "nationalism" and yet end up rehashing the main talking points of the zio-American-backed exiled opposition. Though I very much doubt they are MKO shills, I'm glad you realized there's something inherently dysfunctional and counter-productive with their thinking.

In particular, the users in question tend to concentrate their hostility on two main institutions of the Islamic Republic: the Supreme Leader (may God bless him), and the IRGC. While they aren't directly backing the reformists either, most of their attacks are concentrated on the Leadership and Sepah, which perfectly reflects the propagandistic rhetoric and overall direction of US-/EU-based Persian-language media. Said media also reject both liberals and revolutionaries within the IR establishment (since they advocate the overthrow of the Islamic Republic altogether), nonetheless the focus of their hostility is on the revolutionaries more than on the liberals.

This behaviour is inconsistent with a true patriotic positioning, since between establishment liberals on the one hand and Leadership / Sepah on the other, any objective observer will confirm who are the ones willinig to submit to the global empire and who is on the contrary resisting said empire, thereby protecting Iran's sovereignty.

You will find these users repeatedly cursing and ill-wishing the Supreme Leader on this forum, some even advocating violent action against the IR if certain conditions are met, which is exactly what Iran's existential enemies from the zio-American imperial oligarchy want. On a sidenote, to all Pakistani members who think Iran is a "brutal dictatorship": just look at how users living in Iran freely post such things here, not fearing any sort of persecution.

Contrary to oppositionists who openly and proudly admit to serving the US / zionist / Saudi regimes' interests, these users will advocate a similar goal in parallel to a claimed antagonism against those same foreign powers - yet, statistically the bulk of their attacks are targeted at the Iranian Leadership and military commanders, rather than at those foreign powers. Likewise, their disloyalty and disdain towards Iran's armed forces pretty much neutralizes and renders useless their exclamations against Iran's foreign enemies, since in a situation of war, it will be the armed forces, not them, who will stand up to the enemy.

This sort of rhetoric has no effect other than aiding Iran's criminal foreign enemies (whether they are doing this knowingly, out of emotive spite or out of sheer political naivety and short-sightedness).
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