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Iran vows 'harsh revenge' after US airstrike kills Iranian Gen Qassem Soleimani


Oct 21, 2011
This is an important development. Let's not forget that this attack was done on a Friday, a day which is not a working day in Muslim countries. We haven't heard from the Iraqi parliament and the Iranian parliament yet. We will hear more from both Iraq and Iran in the coming days.

Iran should file a complaint to the UN. Of course, because the US is a permanent UNSC member, there's absolutely no chance of even a simple condemnation by the UNSC. But it's a legal formality that must be done. Iran should state that this is a declaration of war and Iran reserves the right to respond to the US aggression anytime it sees fit.
Iran should also open a case in international courts to pursue the matter further.

On the ground, I believe that Iran should focus on reducing the US presence in Iraq. The best time for a response is probably 8 months later (assuming that the US stops provoking Iran militarily, which is not certain at this point). By then, the ban on exporting military equipment to Iran will have ended and the US presidential election will be near. If Iran manages to pull something by then, which needs to be embarrassing for the US, Trump will have a really difficult time in his presidential campaign and may even lose the second round.
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