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Iran to join Shanghai Cooperation Organization


Nov 24, 2018
United Kingdom
Iran to join Shanghai Cooperation Organization
August 11, 2021 - 21:56

TEHRAN — The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev made a phone call with his Iranian counterpart, Admiral Ali Shamkhani, discussing Afghanistan, Syria, and Persian Gulf on Wednesday afternoon, as well as the news that Iran will soon join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Patrushev and Shamkhani discussed continuous Russian-Iranian cooperation in the field of security.

Shamkhani also wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday, "An hour ago, in a phone call with my friend and colleague Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian National Security Council, we examined the developments in Afghanistan, Syria and the Persian Gulf."

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council stated, "Fortunately, the political obstacles to Iran's membership in the Shanghai agreement have been removed and Iran's membership will be finalized through technical formalities."
It's an ARMA 3 plot unfolding in the real life.

The coming decade is set to not be boring for sure.


Aug 12, 2018
India is Russias cash cow. They have to patt Indias back every now to keep them happy.
I am not the only one to figure this out, this is simple to figure out putin is a yeltsin appointee. yeltsin knew exactly what to do, appoint a puppet of the west, protector of yeltsins crimes against Russia and a fake nationalist, who hides the crimes of the West looting Russia.

China should have an economic development program of Russia, part of the belt and road, to reclaim Russia for the Russian nationalists and patriots.

I am not commenting if putin evolved from the starting position of being a cia asset in 1999 and 2000. It has been over 20 years.

Russia making jets for UAE, a british and usa colony. While not selling any to Iran, is a telling fact of whose side putin is obviously on.

If China can reward Russian nationalism and economic development of Russian resources for Russian profit, you have support of the voting block of Russian nationalists.

Get the Nationalists, Communists, and the Russian Military on your side and Russia will slide into the camp of Beijing.

Yeltsin Reformists (which putin started out as - putin was picked by Yeltsin), Russian Mafia, and Russian Oligarchs are traitors and cia stooges.

This is how Russia is managed, the cia controls two sides of Russian politics, two nationalists

putin vs Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Every crime of Washington can be exposed by these two cia assets, every reason to hate the usa criminals can be told to the Russians, for the purpose that you Russian nationalists support either of these two cia stooges. The whole Russia vs NATO is as staged as Republicans hating Democrats.

Same thing with Alex Jonestown, half of what is stated about "cia evils" is true. Alex Jonestown is there to funnel truth seekers to support cia-bot trump.

putin is not much different than Alex Jonestown.

15 years ago, libertarian forum were flooded with factual information about the many crimes of Washington. The cia reason for this was to herd them into hatred of immigrants, China, and socialism for the poor. Places like zerohedge used to be nearly 100% anti-zionist. Those comments were deleted and accounts suspended. Zerohedge is a 100% cia controlled site to get you to be anti-China.

So the Chinese who were never psy-oped to be given truth, to lead you to a false leader, have no clue about putin being a cia asset 20 years ago.

Lavrov has no clue about this, along with 70% of Russians. Like the cia color revolution - the capitol riots - hardly anybody knows that capitol assault was staged by Washington to get trump to overturn the cia loss in November.

Russia exists to be looted daily by Washington goons, and putin is ok with this. Russia can have greatness with China. Somebody like Lavrov would be the return of an independent Russia. You can't trust putin because of yeltsin ties and past actions.
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