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Iran to export cars to Russia 2022


Iran Khodro, West Asia’s leading automaker, is eyeing Russia’s large market which the Europeans have abandoned amid the raging Ukraine conflict.

Mahdi Khatibi, Iran Khodro’s Managing Director, says the carmaker is prioritizing exports to Russia which has a lot to learn from the Islamic Republic about how to take the West’s expanding sanctions in its stride.

"We are going to pay special attention to the Russian market, and we are also thinking of partnering with Russian investors," Khatibi was quoted as saying.

"We have held good negotiations with Moscow. The Russian market, with its capacities, will be one of our important markets," he added.

On Sunday, Iran Khodro unveiled Rira, the latest model of its crossover vehicle, at its factory west of Tehran, with Khatibi saying the manufacturer will begin exporting to Russia this year.

Iran Khodro’s first exports to Russia occurred notably between 2007 and 2009. Some Iran-made automotive components such as engine cooling systems, suspension and casting parts have been exported to the Russian market in recent years.

The automaker’s Vice President, Kianoush Pourmojib, outlined plans to improve the quality of vehicles churned out by Iran Khodro.

He pointed to increased exports to Azerbaijan over the past five years, saying the manufacturer also intends to compete in other markets such as Oman and Iraq.

"In volume, it is of course Russia that is the most important," he noted.

This year, Iran Khodro will produce more than 500,000 vehicles, Khatibi said. The company’s goal within three years is also to export 100,000 vehicles annually, compared with fewer than 20,000 currently, he added.

The Ukraine war has upended car production in Russia which is the eighth-largest automotive market in the world. Several global manufacturers have halted deliveries to Russia, while others have been forced to pause production due to a lack of parts.

In May, IRNA said a leading Russian automotive company had sounded out Iranian parts and equipment manufacturers on the possibility of supplying its production lines with required products.

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Oh how terrible, Iran selling to ze evil Russians using a French design. How dare Iran trade with other nations to improve its domestic industry standards. Theyre even copying designs and not reinventing the wheel. This should be 100% indegenous and sold only to Iranians...(and western countries). 😁

Jokes aside, they look amazing! I would buy one in the UK if one day a pig decided to fly and they were sold here.

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