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Iran sanctions 51Americans over 2020 killing of Soleimani


Feb 17, 2019
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
@xbat you came to the thread with anti Iran post..had nothing to do with Turkey. A mater that creates tension between nationlities.

As for the list..it is not just symbolic...it is the first step towards legal action against the individuals in the list...Iran is processing legal case and has promised to peruse all legal channels first.

Failing to obtain legal response Iran will persue other available mechanisms against the individuals on the list...remember when a state is after you you have no Permanent protection...a state has enormous resources to carry out and persue an individual and there is no expiry date.

Ps: Iran has appointed a prosecutor to the case with budget and staff. He has already gone to Baghdad where the crime occurred to gather evidence and interview and document the witnesses..all the things you need to bring a case to an International court...
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