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Iran, India discuss upgrade in strategic ties


Jan 24, 2021
Iran's Tilt towards East is done deal...you may not be aware but the issue was sealed last week when special message from Supreme Leader was hand delivered to Putin to make sure he knows no matter what the US does with regards to "nuclear deal" Iran has decided its future strategic path is with the "East" . All actions on Iran side are awaiting this current "US and Europe"oriented government of Rohanni to join the trash bin of history in 4 months. ..China's 25 year $400 billion deal is on hold until the new government of Iran is in place and it will be signed with this new government.

As for India...they will never be trusted again for what they did during Trump (oil imports to zero as per trump orders) and their arrival in the US camp as per Modi leadership...India will no longer be treated as preferential customer..just another country .
China, Pakistan, Iran,Turkey axis becoming more and more real.
straight from an Iranian's mouth. its clear its in Iran's interest to not join India's camp because India wont upset USA for Iran when Iran asks for support.

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