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Iran begins to Mass-Produce Submarine Missiles Technology

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    Commander of Iranian Army Navy says the country launched an underwater missile for the first time last year and today it is mass-producing the technology.

    During a visit to a technical-engineering workshop at the venue of Shahid Beheshti University, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi highlighted the navy’s achievements in different aspects.

    “Today in the navy, we have attained the technology of launching missiles from under the sea decks and also from the depth of the sea. Human resources, submarines, missiles, the missiles’ cylinders are to be totally Iranian and domestically-made or trained,” Khanzadi said.

    Khanzadi stressed that today Iran has the largest fleet after Russia in the Caspian Sea, adding that the Islamic Republic has the largest logistics fleet in the Middle East that with one time of fuelling can travel around the globe once.

    “The sea is the largest source of raw materials and food. A 400,000-tonne ship is equivalent to 20,000 twenty-tonne trucks, which shows that it is impossible to transport oil supplies by road. The Navy commander said that out of nine strategic crossings at sea from which the goods must pass, two crossings are in our country.

    He further pointed out that most of the world’s energy reserves are located in the Persian Gulf as the region is home to over 60 per cent of oil and 45 per cent of the world’s natural gas.

    “Delegations from Chinese and Russian naval forces are here in Iran today and joint military drills are to be carried out in the near future to show the power of the Islamic Republic,” he underscored.

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