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IRAF Project

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    FB-44 Iranian leon
    This aircraft is highly controversial and may not even exist more than on paper until further notice. The data for this project come from safe source because everything below should be taken on limestone . In any case, this fighter is probably referring to American sources codenamed F/B-44 "Iranian Lion" and this designation will be used by me to avoid confusion .

    Very little is known about this fighter, other then that it has twin fins, twin engines , a configuration with dual seat , it is a medium sized fighter in a class between the YF - 17 (P -530 ) Cobra and F - 14 Tomcat , and is really a new fighter. It probably has a basic configuration similar to the F/A-18 Hornet and ME - 29 Fulcrum . The aircraft derives much from the Northrop YF -17 project and the F-15 project, where Shah was strongly linked . Actually, blue prints , patterns and books are said to have done so far in Iran before the revolution. Additionally incorporates F/B-44 much of the F-14 design.

    The only official Iranian comments on the project, it is a blend of Eastern and Western techniques , and does not resemble any aircraft in Iranian service or any where in the world . Some speculate that these comments actually refer to Sa'eqeh . According to many the F/B-44 " Iranian Lion " is an ultimate and definitive fighter aircraft to actually replace Iranian F -4s and possibly later F- 14s . As it is , Iran will definitely need to introduce a new main multi-role fighter - bomber type , equipped with medium - and long-range air - to-air weapons at the end of this decade. Either Iran starts importing MiG-29Ms/J-10s in the near future (which is very likely) or we can expect the Iranians will develop F/B-44 into such a powerful fighter.

    Development of F/B-44 believed to have begun in the early 1990s. As it is, it F/B-44 probably contain a significant upgrade and modified Iranian digital version of the AWG -9 , the long-range radar / fire control computer system used in the F - 14. It is also believed to be compatible with missile AIM - 54 Phoenix. Many reverse engineered parts of other Iranian fighters, especially the F -14, is reportedly used in the construction of F/B-44 .

    The fighter possibly uses two Iranian built upgraded Klimov Rd -33 engines (used in MiG -29) ..

    Morghue Ashoura
    A fighter similar to JF-17 a bigger part, the project is part of the M-ATF which aims to manufacture tactical fighter aircraft. It has Pagát since 2005, first reslutaten of the project was Shafaq trainer who is ready and should be displayed or mass produced, (Required only politically Yes).
    The project is 65% complete. Radar is 90% complete and will be finished this year. A smaller and enough RANGE missile, and associated munitions will be developed before the end of the year and presented in 2015. The only thing that will take time is the motor coils. But the project is expected to be mass produced before 2025. The aircraft will have a partial stealth design, but still not the 5th Generation or 4 + +. JF-17 Thunder and J-10 seems to be the closest design, according to several.

    Shafaq 2 (?)
    This project is only one place if you read on, it was Genlt as uttalde about it in 2013. The project has its roots in the F-16 which he claims that Iran has been involved in and still have some drawings or information since the 1970s. This project is known not properties, but what is seen apparently is that it is one's engine fighter with a high ability to hit moving ground targets (vehicles / tanks). The only date you have about this project is that it will be 50% completed the year 2016. I can not guarantee these claims without informing only.

    These assertions are based on information of Iranian soldiers / Insider and Jane's Information since 2002.
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