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Investigation Continues Into Covid Outbreak aboard ROKS Munmu the Great



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Jun 23, 2021

ROKS Munmu the Great 976 (US Navy Photo)
ROKS Munmu the Great 976 (US Navy Photo)

The outbreak aboard the ROKS Munmu the Great destroyer is the largest cluster South Korea’s military has seen. A total of 247 of the ship’s 301 crew have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days, and the entire crew returned to South Korea aboard military planes on Tuesday evening. Fresh tests found 24 more cases, raising the total caseload to 271 as of Friday (July 23).

None of the crew had been vaccinated because they left South Korea in early February, before the start of the country’s vaccination campaign.

munmu the great covid - naval postEvacuated Sailors Arrive At Seoul Air Base In Seongnam, South Korea On Tuesday.(Source: Yonhap)

On Thursday, a team of experts from the military, the government and the civilian sector launched an investigation to find out the exact route of the mass infection. The team is jointly led by senior officials from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, and the Armed Forces Medical Command with the participation of two to three civilian experts, seven health officials and eight service members.

One officer has been dispatched to Africa for an on-site investigation of the virus-hit vessel, though the probe is expected to largely rely on the crew members’ testimony as the destroyer has been disinfected for a new team of sailors to pilot it back home.

The investigation will continue until next Friday, and the team will come up with follow-up measures based on the results, the ministry said.

Read the full story: https://navalpost.com/munmu-the-great-covid-outbreak/

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