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Indigenous Motor Studies in Turkey


Nov 21, 2019

After graduating from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), he has been conducting his academic research in France since 1976. Professor Dr. Gokalp, the scope of TUBITAK's Leading Researchers Scholarship Program, especially the "combustion technologies" returned to Turkey to support the field.

Among the scientists who will come to METU with the support of TUBITAK, Gökalp's former students are Dr. Christophe Allouis and Madras India Institute of Technology, senior researcher. There is also Jayamaran Kandasamy. Two researchers will focus on research on clean combustion and hydrogen technologies in Turkey with Gokalp.

AA correspondent Professor Dr. Iskender Gokalp, TUBITAK 2232 Scholars Scholarship Program with former students Kandasamy and Allouis in a coordinated manner reported that their application was accepted.

"Burn," "clean fuels" and "hydrogen technologies", especially as telling local engine as well as efficient and on three important topics of the necessary underpinnings for clean energy issues studies they came together to carry out Gokalp, TUBITAK same program with Turkey ' 127 scientists will work with experts in related fields, he said.

Gökalp states that the level of young people who have received undergraduate engineering education at METU is in very good condition, "However, there is a problem after the license. It is not the fault of the youth, the infrastructure is not enough. They are going to the USA and Europe and doing the best doctorates. , to keep them in the country. one of the places where METU is the strongest part of the field of engineering in Turkey. " said.

"Non-R & D laboratories will be established in Turkey"

In this context, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Middle East Technical University to conduct research and doctorate students transferring Gökalp, energy, fuel, combustion and impulse issues will work to establish centers of excellence, he said.

After graduating from ITU Aeronautical Engineering Department, Gökalp stated that he has been working in Paris and Orléans Universities in France since 1976 and he is one of the directors of CNRS, France's TUBITAK-like organization. I walked burning issues especially in France and the academy at EU level and its affiliated R & D projects in the industry. from the beginning of 2000, I developed joint projects with Turkey. " he said.

Gökalp stated that an R & D support approaching 3 million pounds for each researcher within the scope of TÜBİTAK program will be used to establish scientific infrastructure facilities and educate doctoral students at METU.

"The three scientists will start out with 10 doctoral students as people. All on combustion technologies with these resources to set up R & D laboratories are not in Turkey. These include the combustion chamber facilities will be designed and tested combustion system. Thus, burning and established a center of excellence for energy it will be."

No "domestic engine" possible without combustion

Combustion for scientists to judge be without defense "national engine" that it is unable to do pointing Gokalp, "the most important issue in the domestic engine to combine all existing local forces. We also want to support Turkey's efforts in this regard. Burning issues, defense industry for a lot of other activities. " said.

Referring to the projects they want to realize, Gökalp continued:

"Unfortunately, burning and immediate issues, are not developed in Turkey. We aim to increase the level of knowledge required in collaboration with industry. Several purpose engines, coal power plants, natural gas plants, cement and glass industries, such as combustion systems related to the disposal of organic waste We want to start working on these issues at METU by transferring our experience in energy and combustion issues. "

Natural gas substitute fuels will be produced

Professor Dr. Gökalp stated that they will work with the team at METU to get a share from the European programs.

Research on Evaluation of lignite in Turkey Gokalp voicing they walked, "Before coals in a very efficient manner gazlaştırıp have developed a strategy in which natural gas substitution. This is important and will try to continue this project for Turkey." said.

Will work for hydrogen production

Indian researcher Gokalp Kandasamy'nin also provide information about the work carried out, Kandasamy'nin without the need to store hydrogen in a clean way to produce and use instant research said.

Clean combustion technologies

Coming from Italy to Turkey at METU Mechanical Engineering will research on clean-burning technologies that Dr. Christophe Allouis stressed the importance of testing these technologies on a commercial scale.

Working with large groups such as Ansaldo in Italy. Allouis said that in order to gain market share on these issues, the release of nitrogen oxides in particular should be reduced.

METU team goal from one of the nature of the carbon dioxide emitted by holding hydrogen combining a new fuel has pointed out that world and contributing to studies conducted in general in obtaining Allouis, "In Turkey, this can be done. To keep the carbon dioxide, but doable. The visibility of the knowledge generated in universities in Turkey We also aim to increase the number of articles and patents. " he said.

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