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Indigenous Light Combat Helicopter Prachand ‘performing well’ in wargames with Indian Army


Nov 12, 2022
LCH Prachand gives the nation an edge over other attack helicopters due to its stealth, speed, agility, high manoeuvrability and payload-carrying capacities
Inducted into the Indian Air Force on October 3, 2022, the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) Prachand has begun participation in joint war games with the Indian Army and is reportedly performing well. LCH Prachnad has been undertaking sorties in the nation's desert sector since its induction.

Squadron Leader Raunak Dubey of Indian Air Force's Dhanush Squadron told reporters, 'We are carrying out integrated exercises with Army and we are fully prepared and ready to give support to Army in case of any future conflicts."

LCH Prachand's 'impressive' capabilities
Based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, the Dhanush Squadron (aka- No.143 Helicopter Unit) consists of LCH Prachand choppers. 'We have flown this chopper quite a lot in our unit and we are highly impressed with its capabilities as it has been able to deliver on all its parameters,' Sqn Ldr Raunak Dubey stated.

Detailing its role to provide close air support to the fighting elements on the ground and neutralise air defences, the Air Force officer said LCH Prachand is one of the most potent combat helicopters in the world which holds air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles in its arsenal in addition to a 70 mm rocket pod as well as a 20 mm canon.

Furthermore, the IAF officer shared that the combat chopper has proved its worth during trials at high-altitude areas like Ladakh and the Siachen glacier. 'It's navigation system allows pilots to pick up targets and destroy them with ease," Sqn Ldr Dubey stated.

Another IAF officer, Sqn Ldr Tanmai Manan said the indigenous combat chopper gives the nation an edge over other attack choppers due to its stealth, speed, agility and payload-carrying capacities. The officer further told reporters that LCH Prachand's high manoeuvrability, agility and responsiveness assisted the rotorcraft to prove 'itself in the world's highest battlefield.'

Prachand's airframe has been designed in a way which makes it 'crash-worthy,' the officer added. Group Captain Deepak Vishnoi, the Commanding Officer of the squadron Group also showcased Prachand's flying capabilities as the choppers took off for a sortie over the desert sector's airbase.

In addition to the Dhanush Squadron, the Jodhpur airbase houses squadrons of HAL Dhruv, Mi-17V5 and Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter aircraft. Furthermore, a battalion of the Garud Commando Force is also stationed at the base for its protection from any potential terrorist attack

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This year will see the induction of LUH, and probably the trials of armed version of LUH. Next year will see the first flight of IMRH.

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