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indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant delivered to Navy


Jun 28, 2010
How the carrier is fully locally made or indigenous? Starts from the engine, the carrier is powered by 4X General Electric (GE) engines from the U.S, the radar and com pods are from Israel, the sensor is from France, CMS and CIWS are from Russia, IPMS system is Italian, lifts from Britain, the structure is based on a Russian aircraft carrier and soon upcoming fighter on this -- Russian Mig29 and US F18 (most probably). So, if this is "indigenous" in India then god knows what is imported. The simple definition of indigenous when it comes to hardware is, that you build and manufacture every single component on your own without any direct technical assistance from a third party. Here, all the core components and applications are actually designed, developed, and manufactured by foreign countries. The Indian side has done just plug-n-play work (little tweaks with some of the hardware by involving foreign entities and manufacturers directly). India took 18 years to build (2004 - 2022) and floated almost 11 years ago for the first time. Certainly, It's too vague to call it A-Z Made-in-India or even 50% domestically built the way Indian media, Government, and military present this.

So far only Americans, Russians, and recently Chinese have made fully indigenous carriers for instance 003 by China.
Not only it is not indigenous and it took India 20 years to complete the aircraft carrier. LOL ! Also India is planning on building aircraft carrier #3 and if it takes another 20 years to complete then it will become OBSOLETE before it even hit the water !!! LOL India in the mean time is bragging that by building this air craft carrier the country has joined the elite club. LOL. All India did was an assembly job.

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