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India's GDP grows at 13.5% in Q1 of FY23


Jan 28, 2016
LOL Growth per quarter should always be presented in an honest statistic biro, Indonesia statistic biro release the number and there is around 2 % growth between first and second quarter in 2022, while Singaporean statistic biro also release the number in their latest quarter figure to make people understand the real economic situation.

YoY in this India quarter is rather bias and even some Indian economists also tell it, so Quarter on Quarter growth is a good data to see real Indian economic performance

Remember India Q4 2021 is 5.5 percent and Q1 2022 is going down to 4.1 percent.

This Quarter uses International standard (Q1= Jan-March)
Your 5.44% GDP growth (Real) in Q2 2022 is YoY and this is the most reported and internationally recognised figure.

Our 13.5% GDP growth (Real) in Q2 2022 is YoY.

Most countries have different figures for different quarters and that's why QoQ figure isn't correct method and not used anywhere.

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