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Indians have two good reasons to support Armenia over Azerbaijan


Nov 21, 2018
Since the morning today, Armenia and Azerbaijan militaries have started clashing over some disputed piece territories. Social media accounts of that region were abuzz with reports of troop mobilizations and clashes that resulted in tanks blowing up and Drone attacks on air defense positions.

One thing that surprised me and left even me bit embarrassed when I found some Indians giving full support to Armenia with tag #IndiaStandswithArmenia. This was bit like "Begani Shaadi Mein Abdullah Deewana" where India were needlessly generous towards Armenia by offering their support for her over the country of Azerbaijan.

After bit of googling on the whole issue, not only I got to know why these clashes are taking place but also I found out Indians have two good reasons to support Armenia over Azerbaijan.

Reason No 1.

We fully defend Indian position: Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan on Jammu and Kashmir

Reason No 2.

Azerbaijan supports Pakistan stance on Jammu and Kashmir: President Aliyev

Armenians are losers.

I do not understand why Turks did not make them extinct during the genocide.
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