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Indian Vaccinations per Capita Raises Questions About BJP Rhetoric on Giftaid to Neighbours


Dec 12, 2020

On Monday, 4,08,305 health workers were inoculated in 7,764 sessions across the country


Apr 29, 2019
United Kingdom
I can't... 😂

Data is literally published for phase 1&2 trials involving more than a thousand volunteers. The approval given is for emergency usage. I don't care if some DDC, or SIC hospital is not taking Covaxin, they can, scientists at the ICMR and medical council knows better than you or me if they said it's safe, then it is safe.

Every democracy is majoritarian, tell me which democracy is minoritarian? You're screaming at top of lung about nationalism, only SII, Covaxin, and ZycovD were given approval for a drug trial. SII didn't publish their phase 3 data in India, they are still in a clinical trial in India but they got approval for usage based on foreign data. That's fine, so, Covaxin and soon ZycovD will have to publish their trial data for approval. Now which part you didn't understand? I'm not gonna hear about some guy or groups complaining. Opinions and armchair scientists are dime a dozen in India.

Lancet publishing is just a peer-review journal. There is no mandatory peer review requirement for drugs in India. You seem to be consistent in making stupid claims that I need to explain every now and then why your claim is stupid, it's annoying and waste of my time. So, here's my last reply on the matter, Phase 2 is completed and it is given approval after completion of phase 2 trial in India. They got approval, they recruited volunteers for phase 3 trials, started trials in various centers in India and are awaiting results based on the completion of different phases in different states. You have no clue from the beginning that's why when someone busts one claim, you come with the next and then the next. And goes back to the original claim, because you are clueless your old claim is busted and you're repeating that claim again.
What claim are you busting exactly?? That I should trust the Lancet over your opinions?

Ermm... I shall continue to trust peer reviewed journals and their editorial boards over VG Somani and his "trial mode, don't worry, trust me on this" line of reasoning.

You're actually a simple troll. You're trying desperately to distract the reader from the scientific citations presented, in favour of your idle conjecture and opinion.

Arguing over the word "majoritarian" when my context is quite clear - no majority is allowed to exert undue influence and arbitrary domination over a minority - that is what "majoritarian" means in the context of a hindutva government. Instead of acknowledging this simple point, you feign autism and seek to interpret the word literally devoid of context. Carry on buddy.

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