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Featured Indian propaganda of "Forced Conversion of 500 Hindus into Islam"

Discussion in 'Pakistan Defence Magazine' started by Slav Defence, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. Slav Defence


    Oct 30, 2010
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    The Indian Yellow Journalism Exposed
    Author: Slav Defence
    Think Tank Vice chairman
    The Pakistan Defence Team of Analyst

    I began this post by the name of Allah(SWT).Whoever he misguides, none can guide and whosoever he guides, none can misguide.I witness Prophet Muhammed(P.B.U.H) is the seal of all messangers and the one who has brought guidance for entire humanity.I represent this analysis on basis of observations and hypothesis I made and to my best of knowledge.

    Recently, I came across a video that was continuously being showed by Indian media:

    Let me post transcripts and respond accordingly:
    1st transcript.PNG 2nd transcript.PNG
    False political picture and background of developing story:
    1)Abrupt start.
    2)Attempt to build up hype and propaganda, yellow journalism.
    3)The transcript of the video develops false picture that is far from truth.The fact is Sindh is not under APML but under the civilian political party PPP or Pakistan Peoples Party.The government of Sindh is lead by PPP not APML.Second, Pervaiz Musharraf is NOT in Pakistan as shown correctly by Indian media.
    4)When Pervaiz Musharraf was in goverment, he issued announcement in Pakistani newspaper advertising Benazir Bhutto as criminal.Hence, PPP and Musharraf had huge issues.PPP that is the national party of Sindh will never let APML to continue any voting activity in Pakistan.
    5)Pervaiz Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif also had serious issues.So, Nawaz lead govt. will not at all allow Musharraf to enter inside Pakistan let alone "Political campaign and that too of invasive nature".
    The developing story:
    The video is propagating the story of 500 people who failed to get visa and immediately upon their return, we "forced" them to accept Islam including women and children.
    The date mentioned is 25th March 2018 and the place mentioned is "Sindh province of Pakistan".However, the city of Sindh province is not mentioned.
    3rd transcript.PNG 4th transcript.PNG

    The story continues and claims involvement of Musharraf's party workers on basis of invitation shown in their webpage.The invitation is written in Sindhi language and here are the link and pictures given as follows:
    Fortunately, I am able to read and understand Sindhi language.So, here is translation of these so called invitations I present:
    In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful
    Alhamdullilah, in the name of Allah(SWT) and by his mercy we are arranging the ceremony of 50 families and their 500 members, belong to Hindu families of Hyderabad div. and of different districts for embracing Islam at 25th March 2018 at 11:00 where they will recite Kalma Tayyaba.
    In this ceremony we invite our respectable friends and relatives.We hope that we will be rewarded for arranging this program.

    Committee Members:
    • Dr.Imtiaz Ali Sheikh
    • Dr.Nameem M. Patoli
    • Dr.Ali Raza Laghari
    • Muhammed Salim Patoli
    • Ali Muhammed
    • Meer Shahzad Talpur
    • Ghulam Murtaza
    • M.Rafeeq Khatri
    • Hafiz Sajjad ur Rehman
    • Raees M. Nooh Khan Laghari
    • Raees M. Yaqoob Laghari
    • Raees Rashid Hussain
    • Raees Abudus Salam
    • M.Qasim
    • Abdus Sattar Sheikh
    • Gul M.Sheikh Sahib
    • Asif Sherzi
    • Ghulam Nabi Phanoor
    • Farooq Ahmed
    • M.Umer
    • Abdur Razzaq
    • M. Younus Soomro
    In member association committee government officials and police members were mentioned.
    The last note in Sindhi describes list of most honorable guests and that list includes few team member such as Information secretary, joint secretary and few honorable guests from APML and guests from karachi.
    When govt. officials or politicans in Pakistan visit any place, they are heavily guarded with security to ensure their safety.There are numerous incidents across Pakistan where govt. officials were assaniated.Since, APML and PPP don't have good relations because of MQM, therefore to prevent any unofficial political assassination, they are provided with heavy security.
    5th transcript.PNG 6th transcript.PNG

    7th transcript.PNG 8th transcript.PNG
    The Twist and manipulation
    1)The anchor person claiming to speak with various journalist but neither their names were shown nor any interview with them was clipped by Indian media.
    2)The news reporter suddenly shifted her description and began to speak of the news of forceful conversion of Hindu women which is another, separate story rather than providing evidence related to current story such as:
    The hindu girls forcefully converted and condemnation by Imran Khan

    What must be shown as evidence
    • List of rejected migrants and comparison of their data with people appearing on the video.
    • Interview of any one relevant migrant that has forcefully accepted Islam.
    • Interview of any Pakistani journalist.
    Lies, Fantasy and yellow journalism:
    The news anchorperson suddenly takes another "jump" and began to involve Pakistan army in this regard which was nowhere present at that time.See the list of guests, all civilians and party workers.Some police and government officials as honorable guests.There was no sign of Pakistan army.There was no solid evidence.
    The Malta district of Sindh Province
    Here is most interesting part: At 6:26 the speaker deliberately describes the location:

    • Mashallah marriage hall, Malta destrict
    • There is no Malta district in Sindh province.
    map of sindh.PNG
    Dissection: Video clips were not clearly shown:
    In addition to that, the video was split into two parts: (a)Clip of ceremony (b)Clip of Pervaiz Musharraf in London.The narrator's sound was overriding the original soundtrack of video.I have not seen any guns or heavy ammo "Pointed out at the heads of families"

    The only fact is that Indian media was several time given a shut up call by Pervaiz Musharraf and they have hostile attitude towards armed forces of Pakistan, due to their success in several missionaries against India.Indian media has always shown yellow journalism and childish attitude.Their media business depends upon selling emotions to their naive inhabitants and it is an easy way for them to vent off Indian government's frustration.It is the news media itself, who is desperate and frustrated and should be treated in a way yellow journalism deserves to be treated.
    In addition to that the video has clearly shown muslims and other invited members openly and freely recording pictures of the ceremoney.If it was a forceful conversion, then everyone was suppressed of taking pictures and videos.
    Here, is news of 250 people accepting Islam reported officially by responsible Pakistani media.Observe the difference, clear and calm narration, clear video and sound.Also, how freely non muslims are interviewed, no fear at all.Also, the sound track is clear and narration is not overriding the sound track of video.

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  2. war&peace

    war&peace ELITE MEMBER

    Aug 12, 2015
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    Hindu media is a pathological and shameless liar with total disregard for the facts. That is the reason Hindus are leaving their religion and embracing other religions especially Islam.
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  3. !eon


    Jul 10, 2013
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    Forced conversion doesn't work in Islam. Being Muslim is not just changing of name from Hari Chand to Khan Muhammad, it's change from heart and then follow the teachings completely.

    Forcing someone is strictly forbidden in Islam. Would it be advised or even allowed, you couldn't find single Hindu in Sub Continent today.
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  4. Slav Defence


    Oct 30, 2010
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