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Indian Navy to purchase South Korean KSS -III Submarines from Daewoo Shipbuilders

Apr 19, 2022
You just nailed let them deny good for us they should put blind eyes on this so in war time every scorpene subs we destroy on our will

How our navy without any waste of energy detect you subs the signature of sub is badly leaked oropeler sound waves coordinates are leaked bro wake up sid subha ho Gai mammo

Even french has working NESMA AIP indians not buying from them U 214 and 6 KS III Subs will be ordered very soon
Although news says that eventually government will do a g2g deal, but it will wait till December, when the last date of responding to RFP is there.

If any serious player responds to the RFP, only then we can say that by mid 2024 we can have a deal signed of some sort. Nothing much before that.

It's a long play. MMRCA and this P75I both. If at all they happen. I have serious doubts.

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