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Indian Muslims Arrested for Celebrating Pakistani Cricket Victory Over India


Oct 17, 2019

Mother and two relatives of Kashmiri student Arshid Yusuf who was arrested in Uttar Pradesh for sharing congratulatory WhatsApp messages in support of Pakistani cricket team.The mother is showing a photo of the arrested son. (VOA/Faisal Bashir)

Indian police have detained or arrested at least a dozen Muslims for allegedly celebrating Pakistan’s cricket match victory October 24 over archrival India in the T20 World Cup.

Those arrested include a Muslim teacher in the western state of Rajasthan who was fired from her job for writing “We won” on her WhatsApp status following Pakistan’s crushing victory against India last week in Dubai. Authorities at a government hospital in Indian-administered Kashmir also terminated the job contract of a Kashmiri Muslim medical technician after she allegedly celebrated the victory on social media.

In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, seven people, including three Kashmiri students, were arrested for celebrating Pakistan’s victory. The state’s chief minister said all would be charged with sedition, and the accused could face jail terms of up to seven years.

Former Indian Supreme Court Justice Deepak Gupta said the celebration by any Indian of Pakistan’s cricket victory is “definitely not sedition and it is ridiculous to think it is.”

India and Pakistan are cricket-frenzy nations, and the neighbors have been fierce rivals on the pitch since British India was split into two countries in 1947.

But because of the bitter political enmity between the countries, the Indian government does not allow the Indian cricket team to play Pakistan except in an official International Cricket Council-organized contest such as the ongoing T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

India accuses Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in India and has blamed its rival for many terrorist attacks in India-administered Kashmir and other parts of the country. While Pakistan denies the accusations, almost all exchanges between the nations have come to a standstill in the recent years. The bilateral cricketing ties between the two neighbors have been frozen for more than eight years.


Mother of Kashmiri student Inayat Altaf Sheikh, who was arrested under sedition and other charges in Uttar Pradesh for posting congratulatory messages in support of Pakistani cricket team, breaks down into tears. (VOA/Faisal Bashir)

Pakistan’s trouncing of archrival India in the October 24 match triggered ecstatic celebrations among some Muslims in India, according to police reports. In India, where the majority is Hindu, those celebrating Pakistan’s victory are viewed as anti-nationals or enemies of India.

On October 27, police arrested Muslim teacher Nafisa Attari in Rajasthan’s Udaipur for her WhatsApp status in support of the Pakistani cricket team. The private school where she worked dismissed her immediately.

The same day, police in Uttar Pradesh announced they had arrested seven people, including three Kashmiri students from a private engineering college in Agra, for allegedly celebrating Pakistani team’s victory on WhatsApp. The Kashmiris were suspended from school.

In a tweet, Uttar Pradesh police said those arrested were “anti-national elements” who used “disrespectful words against the Indian cricket team and made anti-India comments which disrupted peace.” The Kashmiris also face charges of cyberterrorism, under India’s Information Technology Act.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath threatened that Indians found cheering Pakistani cricket team will face tough actions.

Adityanath tweeted: “Those celebrating Pakistan’s victory will face sedition charges.”

The charge of sedition, which is based on a British colonial-era law, can be used against anyone who “brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards, the Government established by law.”

Nasir Khuehami, national spokesperson of the Jammu and Kashmir Students Association, told VOA that Kashmiri Muslim students were violently assaulted in many states in India for allegedly celebrating the Pakistani cricket team’s victory.

“This is perhaps true that those Kashmiri students celebrated Pakistani team’s victory in social media. But the Kashmiri students in Agra are being hounded more because of some Hindu groups’ charge that they shouted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans. This charge is completely untrue. The college authorities and some non-Kashmiri students from the Agra engineering college confirmed it to us that no Kashmiri students shouted anti-India or pro-Pakistan slogans. But mostly because of the bogus charge, the students are being viewed as anti-nationalists,” Khuehami said.

In the presence of police, Hindu right-wing groups beat up three arrested Kashmiri students while they were being produced in the court, Khuehami said.

“Several lawyer associations in Agra have decided not to provide legal support to the three Kashmiri students. It is obvious that once the three students are booked under sedition charges, their studies will be doomed. Slapping sedition charges against the students just on the basis of their WhatsApp statuses and congratulatory messages is an arbitrary and unwarranted act.”

The parents of the three students, who are mostly poor, have urged that the Uttar Pradesh government forgive them and revoke all the charges on humanitarian grounds.

In a video interview, Gupta said celebrating the Pakistani team’s victory over India may be offensive or unwise for an Indian “but it is not a crime. It is not illegal. A thing may be good or bad, but that does not make it a crime or illegal.”



Sep 18, 2012
more details pls

arrested and sentenced to death or life imprisonment or what ?

they're all probably already out by now after being given a bit of a scare by the authorities.


Oct 16, 2014
Palestinian Territory, Occupied
It burns their rotten black hearts no one supports them in Kashmir

stray dog in the street has more support that Indian forces
Good decision. Any Namak Harams supporting an enemy Nation deserve the same treatment.
In your fantasy where a Anne summers Dildo is worshipped and the cow is your mother do you have delusions kashmir is a part is india
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Sainthood 101

Jul 24, 2021
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They are free to leave neither Pakistan nor Bangladesh will accept them..

These people are only arrested, if hindu start celebration Indian victory over Pakistan or Bangladesh in the respective countries, we do know what will happen..
some have in the past- nothing happened
There are 1000s who celebrate and cheered for Afghan from streets to universities- no issues

They are not Indian Muslims, they are Kashmiris meaning people of Kashmir- they don't need to move out of there native lands they called home for 1000s of years


Jul 9, 2014
Good decision. Any Namak Harams supporting an enemy Nation deserve the same treatment.

Shabaash ! So the Hindutvadis who marched through the country's capital some days ago with the slogan "Jab mulle kaate jaayenge Ram Ram chillaayenge" are not namak harams. The Hindutvadis who maintain the 3000-year-old anti-human and oppressive socio-economic system which causes so many suicides in the country including of 350,000+ farmers just between 1995 and 2015 are not namak harams. The Hindutvadi middle class who feed the 40 million stray dogs in India every meal every day but allow many Indians to starve are not namak harams. The Indians who suffer of ill health or die so just because they don't have money to pay for treatment should not call the Indians who allow such an atrocity as namak harams. Shabaash !

Idk why Kashmiris go to these BIMARU shitholes in the first place.

Well, not everyone from those states are irrational and violent. Case in point Kanhaiya Kumar. But the idiots from those states can be present in other states too where they form criminal gangs. Case in point those students from UP in that college hostel in Punjab who attacked the Kashmiri residents there and damaged their rooms.
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