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Indian arrogance dashed to ground: Celebrations & Meme flood by Pakistanis


Jan 22, 2020
To be honest with you I have a gut feeling that indeed Afghanistan can beat not only India but also Pakistan. They seem to be in good form, played a lot of club cricket and their spin bowling is really good with the likes of Rashid and Mujeeb. Almost every player in their squad is a power hitter and their only downside is that they don’t rotate the strike. They might waste 50 dot balls but will hit 10 sixes which basically translates to 6 runs per over…

on their day they might be able to defend the total against any opponent if they end up hitting 10-15 sixes and couple of 4s when they landed before the boundary… on other day they will lose all wickets for 50-80 because some of their sixes would have been caught and they do not know anything a part from hitting beyond the boundary…
Yes afghans by physical strength actually are very capable if trained properly with strategies.... I just wanted to say it's too early to assume they will beat India or Pakistan who are old timers and very mature in this game.... but agreed with you one day they will definitely be able to beat us..... it's just a matter of time....

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