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Indian arms imports fell 33% over last five years, drop hits Russia the hardest


Dec 6, 2012
Okay let’s break this down,

1) your assumption is that the one of two superpowers America with a total debt of 3 trillion to China which is greater than India’s total GDP (2.8 trillion ) which spends 650 billion on its military and procurement is going to care about India’s Mosley 4-5 billion dollar orders ....... what sorta a la la land do you live in. The Americans gave Paksitan 6 billion dollar worth of weapons to take care of their India problem. How many Oliver perry class frigates or 250 self propelled artillery or f-16s inclusive of 500 amrams are needed to fight the insurgents ?

2) Western stratgey is to get India to get into a border fight with China and Pakistan, lose most of north India all the way to Gujarat and make smaller countries in south India. These countries will help support American ambitions in the Indian Ocean and create a market for their arms and economical output. The future countries will look like Paksitan, Bihar and up 4-5 countries , Gujarat broken into Maratha and others , the anchal pardesh and 7 sisters all broken up , the country of Tamil and, hydrabd, Kerala and so on. A very good example of this is Yugoslavia .

Now I know who is living in La-La land & listening to 4th & 5th Gen warfare.

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