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India vs Pakistan: T20 Worldcup Big Clash | Mother of all Matches in World Cricket

Trango Towers

Oct 29, 2016
United Kingdom
I think the distribution of both groups is very unfair. I know it’s pure luck may be but look at Group 1

South Africa
West Indies
Sri Lanka

they all have the potential to beat each other and will have to give their best to stay in the group

and look at Group 2

New Zealand

the bottom line is… if no surprise happens and if Pakistan beats New Zealand tomorrow they have basically already qualified for Semi Final

and if New Zealand does blunder against India they still have enough chance to bounce back

basically in Group 2… the real completion is just 3 games of Pakistan vs NZ and India vs NZ besides the one played yesterday

for India it’s a simple math that they can’t afford to lose any more games as if Pakistan beats NZ tomorrow and NZ beats India… both Pakistan and NZ goes in the semi final given no surprises happen
Don't write of Afghanistan...they are a gutsy team


Mar 21, 2007
United States

The Artist On His Art
Calm & Cool King Lion Babar Azam


Mar 17, 2007
United Arab Emirates
T20 World-cup Clash: India vs Pakistan | 24th Oct 6pm | Mother of all Clashes in the World Cricket when world watches more than a match.

Pakistan never travels to India anymore, there are no bi-lateral series. A great dent has been created in all Cricket loving nations of the world. Pakistan does not care if India plays or not, India does want to play bilateral series. One of ICC matches Pakistan vs India in 2-3 years becomes world famous where players are made ultimate heroes and great players become zero.

T20 World Cup: Pakistan-India match 'a real dog fight', Australian great Mathew Hayden says
  • Former Australian opener says nothing matches the rivalry between India and Pakistan.
  • Hayden accepts there is enormous pressure of an India-Pakistan match.
  • He believes Pakistan skipper Babar Azam will be under extra pressure.
DUBAI: Hostile cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan is unmatched and will test the two teams when they play a high voltage game in the T20 World Cup in Dubai on Sunday, admitted former Australian opener Matthew Hayden.

Hayden is serving a short stint as Pakistan's batting consultant and transferring his vast experience on how to tackle pressure in as intense a rivalry as the Ashes between Australia and England.

"For Australia, England is their old guard as they would say, as at various stages we have been ruled by the Kingdom of the UK and cricket wouldn't be on our shores if it hadn't been the case," Hayden told a virtual media conference.

"But nothing also, that I have ever seen throughout various elements of the game that I have been part of, ever matches the rivalry between India and Pakistan."

India and Pakistan have great T20I records since the last World Cup. So are they favourites?

ESPN Cricinfo Analysis: Not quite. Teams' performance outside World Cup years doesn't really align with performance closer to the world events

Top teams and their record in T20 World Cup cycles:

India and Pakistan
will start their campaign in the men's T20 World Cup 2021 as the teams with the most wins since the previous tournament, in 2016. In terms of win-loss ratios, Afghanistan, who turned into a Full-Member nation in mid-2017, are the best while West Indies, the defending champions, are the worst among the eight teams to have directly qualified for the Super-12s, with a ratio of 0.66.

Top eight teams' win-loss ratio since last T20 World Cup

View attachment 786848

This might suggest Pakistan and India should be favourites going into this World Cup, but history indicates that in T20, form between World Cups does not always translate into form during a World Cup. South Africa, the best side going into the 2012 edition with 11 wins in 16 matches in the period since the previous World Cup, crashed out in the Super Eights, losing three in a row. The eventual winner, West Indies, had the second-worst win-loss ratio among the top eight sides between 2010 and 2012.

West Indies, who also won in 2016, headed into that event with an average record as well. In the semi-finals they defeated India, the team with the best record between 2014 and 2016.

In the 2014 event, though, the form team did end up winning: Sri Lanka, the eventual champions, started their hunt having the best win-loss ratio in T20Is since the previous event.

Different approaches for different teams in non-World-Cup years

Looking at stats from the last decade for how teams have fared in T20Is immediately preceding, and during, a World Cup, compared to periods when the World Cup is not around the corner, is interesting. Some teams have tended to experiment with their line-ups and rest their top players in T20Is unless a World Cup is imminent, while others have had a more consistent approach. To an extent, that has also depended on how many all-format players a team has in their T20I first XI.

West Indies have consistently proved that their record in non-World-Cup years is no indication of how good their team really is. Seldom do they field a full-strength team, with all the T20 heavyweights in the XI. Since crashing out from the 2010 World T20 at home, West Indies have played 118 T20I games, of which only 26 have had all of Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard in the XI; 11 of those 26 games were in 2021, as preparation for what could be those players' last appearance in a T20 World Cup.

Since the end of 2010 World T20, West Indies have had a win-loss ratio of 1.555 in T20Is around T20 World Cups (we have considered matches since January 1 in years in which World Cups were hosted, till the final of the tournament), which drops to 0.589 in the periods not around World Cups. Pakistan and England go the opposite way: their records are much better in non-World-Cup years. Pakistan's 93 matches in non-World-Cup years is also easily the highest among all teams; no other team has played more than 72 (India).

View attachment 786849

England's strong record between World Cups can be explained by the fact that they field their T20 specialists consistently. Since the 2016 World Cup, England have played 50 T20Is, of which Eoin Morgan, their captain, has featured in 45. Their death-overs specialist Chris Jordan had missed only two games in this period.

However, their relatively poor record in World Cup years is also down to the fact that the last three tournaments - in 2012, 2014 and 2016 - have all been held in Asia, in conditions that aren't the most conducive for England's players. They have tried to fix that recently by having their T20 stars play in the IPL as much as possible. More than half of the current squad have played in the UAE, which hosted the 2020 IPL and the second half of the 2021 one.

Australia, much like West Indies, do without the services of their star players in this format regularly due to players' preference for other formats and the Australian policy of workload management. However, unlike West Indies, who have several players involved in top leagues around the world, the Australians have much less exposure to top-level T20 cricket in different conditions. Some Australian players do not play even their own league, the BBL.

Australia have usually tried a large pool of players, and struggled to find the right combination for the big tournament. That happened before the 2014 and 2016 World Cups, and might in 2021 too: in the last five years, they have played 58 T20I matches, but only five players featured in more than half of them - Aaron Finch (48), Adam Zampa (44), Alex Carey (38), Glenn Maxwell (38) and Ashton Agar (37). Carey failed to make the World Cup squad ahead of Josh Inglis, who hasn't yet played a T20 international.

The Thing I Miss Most Is India vs Pakistan Matches – Usman Khawaja Hopeful Of Bilateral Series To Restart

ICC and cricket has lost charm after India and Pakistan donot play anymore.

Australian batsman Usman Khawaja has expressed his desire to watch India face off against Pakistan in a bilateral series. He felt that the two nations playing against each other is the biggest thing missing in world cricket at the moment.

The two sides have plenty of unrest and disputes which has forced them to play only in the ICC tournaments. The previous time they met in a bilateral series was back in 2012-13 when Pakistan traveled to their Asian neighbors’ place for a 3-match ODI series.

The thing I miss most about international cricket and I know growing up watching my parents watch with, my dad watching cricket, it’s the India vs Pakistan matches.

“I absolutely hate the fact that it doesn’t happen anymore. I think it’s the biggest thing that cricket is missing and it’ll be such an amazing thing if we can get those two countries to play again,” Usman Khawaja mentioned on his YouTube channel.

Pakistan-India match 'an enormous pressure match', Australian great Mathew Hayden says

Also Mathew Hayden accepts there is enormous pressure of an India-Pakistan match, often resulting in bitter public reaction for the losing side.

"There is an obvious pressure of an Indo-Pak match, as there is obvious pressure if you play against England if you are an Australian, but the pressure is only what you allow it to be.

"It's a history-making opportunity. We can present all the stats, homework and research and nothing can replace what will be the state, what we dream about, write about and coach about, which will be the event itself."

"It's a real dog fight and the conditions and margin of error are very little and so good leadership is going to be the key and Babar commands that role and he needs to fulfil that role."

Pakistan play like they want india's gut out... their body language said it all..


Aug 1, 2009
United States
A few points.
Please dont' compare ICC Champion Trophy with the World Cups: They are indeed different categories and winning those contests or not applies to any country equally. Yes, qualitatively, all these contests are equal but technically they are not. I think in the 2017 Champion Trophy, when Pakistan beat India in the Final to win the Trophy, it was the first time Pakistan had beaten India in an ICC world level contest and so that was the major reason to celebrate. But it was not a World Cup.
As someone pointed out: Group A is very competitive compared with Group B. A little unfair to the countries in Group A. I wonder how they come up with such formulations? Good for Pakistan and so I am not too unhappy! ;)
While so much focus is on Babar Azam, I think M. Rizwan is equally effective, if not better! In addition to his batting--look at his averages!--he is a great wicket keeper too! Who can forget the horrible wicket keeping by the Akmals along with their inconsistent batting?? A bad fielder is bad enough. A wicket keeper is horrible!! I dare say Rizwan is finally Pakistan's answer to Dhoni!


Oct 20, 2008
United Kingdom
Don't write of Afghanistan...they are a gutsy team
I have a fear that we have history of shocking the entire world... we might beat NZ tomorrow and end up losing from Afghanistan or Namibia and then hanging on the net run rate to qualify for Semi Finals.

We have history of qualifying for Semi finals, if you check the stats, Pakistan is probably the most performing team of T-20 World Cup's if WI hasn't outclassed them in recent years because of 2 WC titles

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