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Featured India Uncovered its secret "GHATAK" drone: Stealth deep strike capable


Nov 21, 2018
Taiwan, Province Of China
A full scale version is already built and currently undergoing radar cross section testing.

Yes, but autonous systems (take off, landing, loitering) are better tested on scale model. In case of crashes (not unlikely with new software), it's easier to move on

With Indian scientists , engineers and technicians from this and similar skool? :enjoy: :rofl::pleasantry:

The cradle of Indian engineers and Indian scientists and Indian professionals.

No wonder India cannot even make bullets and must buy from Russia and overseas.:rofl::enjoy::pleasantry:
And the artillery that India designed tend to explode and kill more Indians than anybody else.:rofl:


Relatives scale buildings to help Indian students cheat on exams - video
Students in Hajipur, north-eastern India, were given a helping hand from friends and family as they sat state exams on Thursday.
Rustam 2 UCAV just completed a 8 hr test flight in SATCOM mode. Is to be tested on 24 hours endurance mission by the year end.

You are importing Chinese drones, in semi knocked down kits, assembling them, painting a Pakistani flag on them, rechristening them with a Arabic name and calling them indigenously developed drones.

And that is much worse.
India more laughable!

India paying Russia billions to be allowed to add the name India to a 99% design and work by Russia on Brahmos even more laughable.

And be allowed by Russia to do the remaining 1% design of paint and paint work on Brahmos UNDER THE STRICT SUPERVISION OF RUSSIA

:pleasantry: :enjoy::rofl:

Does anyone here seriously think a country that cannot even develop basic weapons systems like towed artillery, firearms, or even cruise missiles is capable of producing stealthy drones? Give me a break. And of course this crappy article talks about the AMCA ... I can guarantee everyone on this forum will have already long passed away and probably their offspring too before the AMCA or any domestic Indian stealth fighter project ever comes to fruition.
India cannot even make their own bullets and shells for the artillery that they bought from other countries :enjoy:
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