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India to deploy five regiments of Russian-made S-400 air defense missile systems by 2023


Jul 11, 2010
The Indian systems will balance the tactical disadvantage posed by Chinese S-400 deployments across Ladakh and Arunachal LAC
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India is looking to make the first unit of S-400 Triumf advanced surface-to-air missile defence system operational by this April.
All five units of the system will be deployed in strategic areas to ward off China's threat, according to official sources. All these five units may become operational by next year.
The Indian systems will balance the tactical disadvantage posed by Chinese S-400 deployments across Ladakh and Arunachal LAC.

The Russia-made S-400 system can take down a hostile aircraft or missile at a range between 40km and 400km. It was bought by India in a $5-billion deal, inked in October 2018.
The advance consignments of two S-400 systems have already arrived in India from Russia. The work to assemble the systems is going on in full swing, by the Indian teams who have been trained by Russia.
The first squadron deliveries are expected to be completed by the end of this year. The equipment is being brought to India through both sea and air routes.

With the induction of S-400 systems on Indian soil, the Modi government has a reply to Chinese missiles and air force in case of a worst case scenario. As one system will be deployed in north, it will take care of two fronts in Ladakh as the deep penetration radars of S-400 will be able to pick up any fighter or missile targeting India.

The air defence system would give India an edge in South Asia as it would be able to take out enemy aircraft and cruise missiles.
The S-400 missile defence system is equipped with four different missiles, which can engage enemy aircraft, ballistic missiles and AWACS planes at 400 km, 250 km, the medium-range 120 km and the short-range 40 km.

Did anyone notice the blue Portapotties in the background. I think the Russians incentivized the deal to the Indians with the PortaPotties and the Indians fell for it. I think they will need them and Modi will be happy.

Hakikat ve Hikmet

Nov 14, 2015
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United States
S400 can be dealt with multiple volleys of low cost high speed drones plus obsolete ballistic missiles. When the batteries are exhausted then send in the good stuff. It will be all about timing.
The Turkish approach is to generate "phantom images" at the S400 radars so that the missiles are fired toward them...


May 4, 2019
Which history? why Indians worry so much about Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Your general who wanted to have a peg in Lahore Gymkhana in 1965 has his Flagcar in the Army Museum Rawalpindi. Your surrendered Gnat is in the PAF Museum Karachi. PAF been shooting down your jets in our territory since 1959. India is the only country having lost a ship to a submarine since the Second World War. Even in Kargil you lost 3 jets and a Chopper, on February 27, 2019 you lost two jets and self goal on your own chopper. On top it off your gave your captured pilot a Vir Chakra. If I was an Indian, I would never come to Pakistani forum to be humiliated. Remember we are one fifth your size.

1965 - forced to save lahore and foget about kashmir... That is a victory of indian army..

If motive was save to lahore and not about kashmir then it is indian army lost..


Mar 28, 2017
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United Kingdom
Finding location of S-400 in real time then destroying it will become a PAF priority. Considering we will have Falcon 20s, Erieyes, Turkish and Chinese drones, F-16s with DB-110s, Special Forces. All of these will be hunting S-400 locations. It's not the complete game changer people claim it is when the other side is well equipped. Turks proved that....

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