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India sends warship to South China Sea in bold move – Beijing warns conflict now possible

Han Patriot

Mar 23, 2011
You claim all area up till finger 2 on North bank of Pangang Tso and corresponding area on the South back of Pangang Tso.
India claims all area up till Finger 8 on North bank and corresponding areas on the South Bank.

In April 2020 .. your army sneakily moved in from Finger 8 to occupy position up till finger 4 on the North bank Pangang Tso. Finger 4 already had permanent Indian position ..so you could not move beyond that.

On the night of Aug 29 - 30 .. Indian army occupied 30 + 6 heights on the South Bank Pangang Tso.. right up till to heights which would lie opposite in Finger 8 on the North Bank of lake.

Occupying more that 1000sq kilometers of Chinese claimed territory.
Hahahah you guys are so dumb. We always claim more, then work to find a half way solution. We always maintain the LAC as the defacto line. So here we are occupying 1000sqkm of 'indian' soil, what are you doing? Justifying your failures as usual? Like if your guys are starving, you would justify it as being dieting? Lol. Shitting in the open meant fertilising the fields. Gosh, you guys live in a make belief world.

Judging from your tone, you accepted what we did as usual but still screaming as if you are victorious. Lol. Losers as usual.

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