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India, Russia to discuss 2nd N-sub lease


Jun 24, 2012

India and Russia are to shortly begin negotiations on the least of a second nuclear attack submarine for the Indian Navy. In April last year, the Navy welcomed the INS Chakra into service in Visakhapatnam, an Akula-II class boat. The second boat is likely to be the completed, updated Iribis, an Akula that was only half constructed but abandoned as a result of paucity of funds.

In 2003, original negotiations between India and Russia had envisaged the leasing of two submarines—both the Nerpa and Iribis, though the latter was finally dropped, while Nerpabecame the Navy’s second INS Chakra. The Iribis, which goes with the working title Chakra III for the moment, will be the second of a plan of three nuclear attack submarines the navy has planned for, in addition to five ballistic missile boats of the Arihant and Arihant+ class. The INS Chakra currently in service with the Navy’s eastern fleet has been on nearly non-stop patrol since its induction in April last year, and the Navy is reported to be very satisfied with its capabilities and performance.

Link - India, Russia to discuss 2nd N-sub lease | idrw.org

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