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India officially undercounts all crimes including rape


Jun 28, 2010
India officially undercounts all crimes including rape
India officially undercounts all crimes including rape - The Hindu


Only the ‘principal offence’ in an FIR gets into NCRB data

The National Crime Records Bureau, India’s official source of crime data, is systematically undercounting virtually every crime in India on account of a statistical shortcoming, The Hindu has learnt.

The December 16 gang rape, which prompted much examination of data on sexual assault in the country, will not even figure in NCRB data on rape owing to this statistical flaw.

The NCRB, under the union Home ministry, compiles its annual ‘Crime in India’ publication based on data that comes to it from state crime records bureaus, which in turn get their data from the First Information Reports (FIRs) filed with every police station in that State. What few know, however, is that the data published by the NCRB only takes into account the ‘principal offence’ in every FIR, that is, the charge that attracts the maximum penalty, a fact confirmed to The Hindu by R. Rajasekaran, deputy director of the NCRB. In the case of a rape-and- murder, such as the December 16 Delhi case, the ‘principal offence’ is murder since it attracts a maximum penalty of death. As a result, rapes that end in murder are recorded only as murders in NCRB’s statistics. “We are trying to improve our system. New editions could include categories like ‘rape-and- murder’ and ‘attempt to rape’,” Mr. Rajasekaran said.

This statistical shortcoming, however, extends beyond rapes-and-murders to virtually all crimes short of murder. Since a typical FIR contains several charges, it is clear that the NCRB statistics are an under-counting of all crimes, but the extent of under-counting is impossible to estimate. Moreover, the four “disclaimers” and four “limitations” that the NCRB lists in its 2012 publication make no mention that the numbers are restricted to ‘principal offences’.

Several legal scholars The Hindu spoke to for this article who used NCRB data for academic work and advocacy were unaware of this aspect of the data they were using.

“Some 60 lakh cases are filed in India every year. So there is an immense number of possible combinations of different sections [of the law]. It is not possible in a statistical publication to publish all of these,” Mr. Rajasekaran said.

“The NCRB says it is collecting the entire country’s crime data. If this is what is happening then it’s a serious problem because policies are being framed by various bodies using these numbers,” said Vrinda Grover, a senior advocate and human rights activist who has engaged with NCRB data, particularly on sexual assault. “We have been asking for a while for the NCRB to open up its data to assessment from outside, and to arrange meetings with experts on how to improve,” she said.

The NCRB says it is making an effort to improve its data collection. “The statistics come to us on the basis of a pro forma that we send to the police stations. We are working on a new pro forma that will be much more detailed,” Mr. Rajasekaran said.

Since the NCRB can only publish data based on FIRs that have been registered, it is already often criticised by activists for underestimating crime. Two official committees have recommended that India add a “victimisation survey” to its official crime data, as several other countries do, to get an accurate picture of total crime.


Aug 11, 2013
Its the same case in all other countries in the world the rape cases reported in the police station are counted, lol not the ones discussed here


Jul 29, 2011
It is not only a problem with just India but its same in all developing countries....:angry:

So that makes it all right ?

I am not the only one taking BRIBE, everyone else is doing it also.

I am not the only one Raping, everyone else is doing it also.

Great Logic.... :rofl:


Aug 12, 2010
Some members here act as if their own countries are not affected by social ills, and live in paradise on earth . the OP being one of them , but then what else can you expect he is still in school.


Jan 11, 2009
At least the really stupid posters from neighboring countries keep themselves busy with rape threads.

The original thread brings out a technical issue, but some retards must display their mental deficiencies on all threads.

So there is a bank robbery. Now its tricky isn't it, on how to analyze the data. Lets take the example of five people robbing a bank.

Can we say one bank robbery took place


One criminal conspiracy
One illegal assembly
Four illegal weapons
One damage to property
One threat
One physical assault
One cyber crime
One theft
One economic crime
One traffic violation - all these crimes took place???

Now if some sane poster from neighboring country really decided to apply their brains, even they will understand the issue. But instead only the wrong kind of flies are attracted to shyte.


Aug 13, 2012
Russian Federation
Some members here act as if their own countries are not affected by social ills, and live in paradise on earth . the OP being one of them , but then what else can you expect he is still in school.

I was browsing Pakistani news website 'Dawn' and read an article stating that more than 100 rape incidents were reported this year only from Lahore. However, they are ashamed to post such articles as they don't get chance to take cheap shots :ashamed:.

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Aug 24, 2010
113 cases of rape, 32 of gang-rape registered

LAHORE: The capital city police have registered as many as 113 cases of rape from Jan 1 to Aug 31 this year, out of which 62 have been ‘resolved’ and 86 accused arrested.

The police, however, failed to submit complete challans in 27 cases they claimed to have solved but awaited forensic evidence results or lack of evidence. In some of these cases suspects were on bail.

Similarly, the police registered 32 gang-rape cases during the eight months of which only 10 were resolved with their challans submitted and 22 accused arrested.

Official statistics available with Dawn show that out of the 113 rape cases reported to the police, 24 turned out to be ‘fake’ after investigations were conducted into them.

The police took 86 accused into custody out of 113 wanted in as many rape cases.

Of 32 gang-rape cases, only seven were discharged because of being fake while 15 others were ‘solved’ but still being probed into.

Out of 110 accused involved in gang-rape cases, police only arrested 22 during the first eight months of the year.

A senior police investigator told Dawn that mostly the victims in rape cases were teenaged girls. He said there could be several cases which were not reported to police because of the stigma attached to being victim of the crime.

He claimed the police solved a majority of cases, arresting the ‘rapists’ who were usually nominated.

The investigator said the police had to rely on physical evidence and suspects’ confessions in rape cases as eyewitness accounts were hardly available.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Abdul Rab Chauhdry said many of the incidents had their roots in unchecked access of youth to internet and cable network. Mostly parents neither properly guide their children nor keep an eye on their activities on the internet, he added.

He said as such cases are hard to investigate, it usually led to submission of incomplete challans in courts.

Non-preservation of evidence, mishandling of DNA by forensic experts and doctors, delay in collection of victims’ swabs, involvement of innocent people in cases, delay in complaints to police and compromise between victim’s family and the accused party were among major factors behind submission of complete challans in courts, he said.

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