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India harboring Bangladesh criminals

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    Following publication of a report in Hindustan Times, leading English language daily newspaper in India titled 'Bangladesh's most wanted has papers to prove Indian citizenship' has finally proved that Indian authorities are not only sheltering absconding criminals and terrorists from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other neighboring nations but also are providing them with citizenship documents of that country with the ulterior motive of hiding such crimes from the focus of international media. According to Hindustan Times report, Sailen Biswas, a most wanted leftist terrorist and serial killer, wanted in Bangladesh in more than 75 cases including murder, extortion, possession of arms etc fled to India in 2003 after the Khaleda Zia government launched a crackdown on armed renegade outfits as part of a mission codenamed 'Operation Clean Heart', while a court in country's southern district of Khulna awarded death sentence in 2005. It was revealed by the Indian newspaper that Sailen Biswas not only got shelter inside India but also was provided with valid voter ID as well as PAN card, in addition to other vital documents to prove him to be a legitimate Indian national. Biswas along with his kin had been based in the northern fringes of the Kolkata city since 2003 and had been living off the proceeds of his business in the name of Pradip Biswas. A resident of Birati, less than 15 km from the heart of Kolkata, Sailen Biswas, founder leader of the outlawed New Biplabi Communist Party [New Revolutionary Communist Party] in Bangladesh, has acquired a secure living in the city over the past few years - courtesy proceeds raised from collecting extortion from people in the southern part of Bangladesh. It may be mentioned here that, dozens of criminals and terrorists from Bangladesh, who are sheltered inside India, continue numerous forms of criminal activities. Bangladesh authorities on a number of occasions requested India to nab these criminals and extradite them for facing trial. But, in most cases, Indian authorities refused such request from Bangladesh, as most of these sheltered criminals and terrorist had connections with Indian intelligence agencies and worked for them on various assignments.

    Even after the real identity of absconding Bangladeshi leftist terrorist Sailen Biswas, who is the founder of New Biplabi Communist Party [New Revolutionary Communist Party] in Bangladesh, Indian authorities or law enforcing agencies in that country are totally reluctant in taking any initiatives in extraditing him along with family members to Bangladesh. Rather, Mrinmoy Biswas, son of this notorious serial killer told Hindustan Times that his father along with the family "had been living as a successful businessman here. "My father has every document, from a Voter ID to a PAN card, to testify to being a bona fide Indian citizen. He had even been listed as a voter from the Belgachia [East] constituency" Mrinmoy said.

    The family further said that having successfully established his status as an Indian national [voter card number BKN 4625828], Sailen, son of Premchand Biswas, managed to set up a successful venture in the fringes of the city. Such businesses were initiated and being expanded with the money collected from Bangladesh through extortion, abduction and various forms of criminal activities. Sailen Biswas and his gang also got involved in cross-border trafficking in arms and narcotics as well they also were reportedly helping Indian intelligence agencies in implanting various agendas within Bangladesh.

    Sailen Biswas, hailing from the Shalua village of Khulna district in Bangladesh in wanted in 54 criminal cases only in Khulna, Shatkhira and Jessore districts while he is listed in another 21 cases of murder, extortion and kidnapping. A large number of terrorists from the outlawed left-inclined criminal gangs are sheltered in India, mostly under the indirect patronization of country's espionage agency.

    While the case of Bangladeshi terrorists and criminals sheltered in India is getting international media exposure, information of Interpol alert on absconding Bangladeshi criminals from the website of Bangladesh Police has been removed by some unscrupulous elements within the police forces. A source inside Bangladesh Police told Weekly Blitz that some corrupt officers in charge of the website have removed the contents of Interpol alert as well as many names and photographs of absconding Bangladeshi terrorists and criminals from the website in exchange of substantial amount of bribe. Similarly information on a large number of absconding criminals is also removed from the website of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. For example, the picture and information of Wanted criminals named Haris Ahmed Haris, Jafar Ahmed Manik, Jabbar Munna, Aga Shamim, Jishan Ahmed, Kamrul Hassan Hannan, Nabi Hossain, Shahadat and Freedom Imam Etc.

    Surprisingly enough, information on the absconding killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman are also removed from the websites of Bangladesh Police and other law enforcing agencies, though the current government of Bangladesh Awami League has been strongly claiming to have been active in bringing back the absconding killers to face legal consequences.

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