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India Covid crisis: Man quarantines on treetop due to lack of isolation wards


Oct 17, 2018
United States
United States
India Covid crisis: Man quarantines on treetop due to lack of isolation wards
The man has been sleeping in the tree for 11 days now.

A Covid-positive 18-year-old in Telangana has been quarantining on a treetop due to a lack of isolation wards in his area.

According to News18, Shiva has been sleeping on a bed he built himself on a treetop out of bamboo sticks tied to branches for 11 days now. He is a resident of a tribal village in the Nalagonda district, where the nearest hospital is 30 kilometres away.


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Volunteers in the village had told Shiva to self-isolate from his family after he tested positive for Covid on May 4. He came up with the idea for quarantining on a treetop as his small family home did not have enough space for him to do so.

Shiva devised a pulley system, using a rope and a bucket, so family members could send him food, water and other essentials during his quarantine period.

He had come back to his home village after cases rose in the city of Hyderabad, where he was pursuing a graduate course.


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Many in his village have reportedly taken to unconventional quarantine measures as well due to the lack of access to isolation wards. Some of the 350 families in the village have isolated in bathrooms and makeshift huts too.

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