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India closely monitoring Chinese drone activity in areas near eastern Ladakh


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
India is keeping a close watch on the activities of Chinese UAVs which have been monitored operating close to Indian Territory on regular basis.

Indian security forces deployed in the eastern Ladakh sector are keeping a close watch on the activities of the Chinese unmanned aerials vehicles (UAVs) in the eastern Ladakh sector where they are being monitored operating close to Indian areas on regular basis.

The Chinese drone activity has been monitored mostly near the friction points in Hot Springs and Gogra heights areas, along with the Daulat Beg Oldie sector, which has been witnessing heightened Chinese activities since 2012-13.

“We are using our assets to keep a close watch on these drone activities. The clear Ladakh skies and the high mountains where our personnel are deployed also allow us to keep a close watch on these small flying machines,” top government sources told India Today.

India and China have been engaged in a military stand-off since April-May last year. Even though they have disengaged from three locations, their troops remind deployed in high number.

The altercations between Indian and Chinese troops started in Naku La area in Sikkim and multiple areas in the eastern sector of Ladakh along with Pangong Tso. The Chinese army has faced extreme winters in the high altitude areas on the India-China boundary areas in Ladakh. They, however, have not retreated.

The Chinese have also been engaged in massive construction activity to help its troops prepare for a long haul. Concrete structures are being built at almost all its military camps to house its troops. The Chinese soldiers have been facing issues with extreme winters in forward locations, but these concrete structures will allow the Chinese to deploy their troops closer to the Indian Territory and rush swiftly whenever required.


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