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India can't support Iran against UN sanctions

Discussion in 'Indian Defence Forum' started by Lankan Ranger, Jun 13, 2010.

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    India can't support Iran against UN sanctions

    India may not have any option but to implement the latest set of restrictions approved by the UNSC against Iran despite New Delhi’s constant assertions that it will not support any sanctions on that country which impact the common people.

    Highly placed officials said that Tehran hasn’t answered questions raised by the IAEA over its nuclear programme and that it will not be possible for New Delhi to ignore the fresh sanctions.

    ‘‘We are still looking at how these sanctions are going to impact the people. We remain a responsible member of the UN and know our legal obligations,’’ said a senior government official. So far, there has been no official reaction from the government.

    To many though, this would appear to be making a virtue out of necessity. Foreign minister S M Krishna had earlier described the Tehran Declaration, under which Iran had agreed to send enriched uranium to Turkey, as constructive. The declaration failed to convince the US and other P5 countries.

    According to former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal, even though there is no way India can avoid implementing these sanctions, New Delhi has nothing to be defensive about. ‘‘Since these sanctions are imposed under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, I can’t see how we can avoid them. Also, as a responsible member of the UN and keeping in mind our aspirations for a permanent seat in the UNSC, we should not be seen as going against UNSC resolutions,’’ Sibal told this paper.

    Sibal said that India did not have to fear any repercussion in its relations with Iran because the latest sanctions did not necessarily seem aimed at the common people. ‘‘Also, as for any impact on relations with Iran, the fact is that countries like China and Russia have gone ahead and voted in favour of these sanctions. This has now led Iran to accuse China of maintaining double standards,’’ said Sibal.

    'India can't support Iran against UN sanctions' - India - The Times of India
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    India wont support Iran against UN sanctions :cheers:
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    If i am not wrong

    Iran supported Pakistan in Indo-Pak wars, and blasted India for Pokharan-II, and demanded that India sign the NPT.

    Iran nationalised the Rostam and Raksh oilfields in which the ONGC had a stake. It reneged on a contract to supply cheap LNG top India after Ahmedinejad came to power.

    India should shares international concerns specially Israeli about a nuclear-armed Iran and the obvious negative consequences that would have. You watch my back i will watch yours.
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    no doubt i personally support but let see

    the most think i like your signature

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    whether the world support or not But one thing is sure that.....
    Iran don't need world...but world need Iran....Iran has oil and gas.and every one in the world need that