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India Beats China To Emerge As World’s 3rd Strongest Air Force In New Rankings; Chinese Netizens Slam The Report


Jun 2, 2020
United States
United States
The World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA) has ranked the Indian Air Force (IAF) third in the Global Air Powers Ranking for 2022 after examining the air strength of various countries around the world.

The report assessed the total combat capabilities of various air services worldwide and rated them accordingly.

The Indian Air Force was ranked higher than its regional rival China and placed above the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), the Israeli Air Force, and the French Air and Space Force.

The WDMMA employs a formula that considers values associated with the total combat strength of various countries’ air forces.

The formula generates the ‘TrueValueRating’ (TvR), which aids WDMMA in separating each power based on its overall strength and elements such as modernization, calculated help, assault, and guard abilities.

In this method, a country’s tactical air force is broken down not merely by the number of planes it has but also by the quality and diversity of its stock.

IAF commemorated Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav with a 75 aircraft Elephant Walk. – IAF
In any event, the WDMMA notes that the TvR is a work in progress that is constantly updated in accordance with the requirements. Special emphasis is placed on classifications that are generally overlooked by various powers, such as extraordinary mission, devoted plane power, CAS, preparation, and on-request units.

The US Air Force (USAF) had the highest TvR score of 242.9 in the Worldwide Air Powers Positioning (2022) assessment. It has a diverse fleet of aircraft, and numerous components are sourced domestically from the country’s extensive industrial base.

The USAF has specialized strategic bombers, CAS aircraft, a sizable helo and fighter force (many of which are multirole types), and hundreds of transport aircraft, with hundreds more on order.


WDMMA Rankings:
Interestingly, the top 2 places were taken by the US Air Force and US Navy, followed by the Russian Air Force, US Army Aviation, and US Marine Corps. The list is followed by the Indian and Chinese (PLAAF) Air Force.

Meanwhile, according to the report, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has a total of 1,645 active aircraft in its inventory.

Chinese Netizens Not Happy

While the Indian media welcomed the rankings, Chinese netizens questioned the capabilities of the Indian Air Force and WDMMA rankings.

Chinese netizens stated that the Indian Air Force is placed sixth, and the People’s Liberation Army Air Force is listed seventh because the website lacks such information on the Chinese Air Force.

Moving on, the Chinese article on social media read: for a long time, India has depended on foreign imports to boost its military capability.

In 2016, India paid nearly $8.7 billion for 36 upgraded Rafale fighter planes from France. At the moment, these fighter jets have also been deployed to the China-India and India-Pakistan border areas to gain a competitive advantage over the J-16 and J-20.

File Image: J-20 Stealth Aircraft
The article further reads – the Indian government has always insisted on promoting “Made in India,” but looking at India’s LCA Tejas, it is a disappointment.



Feb 5, 2011
Would not be surprised these clown will even put Indian airforce above USAF.

What is the point of these stupid ranking that delude themselves only.

No doubt China has the second strongest airforce in the world , better than Russia airforce.



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May 14, 2022
United States
Excluding nukes, subs and strategic bombers, China is leading Russia in almost all aspects of the conventional forces. These ranks are merely self-touch tools to hide some people's broken ego. Feel sorry for them...


Feb 10, 2017
United Kingdom
It’s a news agency, the data is given by some other “think tank” WDMMA.

It should be mentioned that this directory separately ranks each nation’s service branches in terms of air power.

For example, IAF (6th) ranked above PLAAF (7th) but PLANAF, PLNAF and PLAGF ranked 15th, 25th and 35th respectively whilst INA and IAA ranked 36th respectively. A country’s air power is not a monolithic entity.

As Chinese members will note, what the hell is PLNAF? It seems this WDMMA group accidentally ranked PLANAF twice but with different name. So much for objectivity!

Please check below thread on background of Eurasian Times:

So, I am not sure if this is the right section to post this thread so any mod can shift the thread to the right section if it's not.

I have already repeated this in several different threads but still, people keep on posting links from this particular blog; Eurasian Times, citing it as a credible news resource, giving it credence which it does not deserve. So, thought I'd use some of my day-job expertise to put some information forward.

Eurasian Times, the domain was bought by a certain Mr. Nitin Ticku back in 2014. And he launched the website, in order to get clicks for his 'Education Consultancy Service'. He's since made this his full-time job. This is not a real newspaper, that gets cited here as a credible resource.

Most of you citing this website as a resource are feeding into a simple clickbait scheme, made to generate funds for Mr. Nitin Ticku...

Domain Owner:

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Original Job and Background:

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What did WREST corporation and InterOppt do?

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And publish PR pieces like citing Nitin Ticku:

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He literally edits Wikipedia pieces to push his website's link as a source:

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