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India and US Are More Dangerous for Foreigners Than Pakistan: Report

Discussion in 'Pakistan Tourism' started by Shahzaz ud din, Sep 18, 2019.

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    The list reflects truth though it may be difficult for some to comprehend but I see the truth in it. The more a country receives tourists, the more is the crime against them. While in Pakistan, people not only welcome tourists, they treat them as guests and offer free food & and stuff. Whereas in active tourists places, there are organised criminals who target tourists specifically. A lot of tourists do not even register a police report because they are short on time and want to avoid hassle. And my experience totally corroborates that.
    This is because most of the crime is concentrated in main tourist areas like London, Dubai, etc so even if these countries have overall low crimes rates, a larger fraction of their total crime is committed against the tourists.. so totally right ranks and ratings. I'm actually surprised that UK got a better rating than the reality.