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India — A Failed Experiment


Feb 21, 2022
Bochri ke mattarchor Chinese just use and abuse the poor dogs...

Bhartis are way more committed and loving...

I want to respond on this seriously. Not for you, but for anyone else.

There are silly traditions everywhere. She’s not actually getting married to a dog. Also, doesn’t happen in most places, only in few small-towns where superstitions and astrology are taken a lot more seriously than they would be elsewhere.

But I don’t disagree it’s misogynist, patriarchal and something that needs to go. India is a land of tradition and culture. During 5000+ years of existence as a people in the same area, cultural baggage can be both a blessing and a curse. Like you and everyone else, we are working on getting rid of the bad bits. I think the progress has been really good.


Aug 16, 2015
United States
I want to respond on this seriously. Not for you, but for anyone else.

There are silly traditions everywhere. She’s not actually getting married to a dog. Also, doesn’t happen in most places, only in few small-towns where superstitions and astrology are taken a lot more seriously than they would be elsewhere.

But I don’t disagree it’s misogynist, patriarchal and something that needs to go. India is a land of tradition and culture. During 5000+ years of existence as a people in the same area, cultural baggage can be both a blessing and a curse. Like you and everyone else, we are working on getting rid of the bad bits. I think the progress has been really good.

I’m glad that you’ve transitioned from a kuttay da puttar to a human being. Cheers

Black Tornado

Jul 26, 2021
oh we got goat jokes now, alright
gang rape of a pregnant goat by not one, not two but 8 dudes
Theres no sense of posting these as there zoophiles everywhere.


Jul 14, 2012
Please don't post false pictures about Samrata Chola or whatever snake oil you are foisting.

The picture of the troops marching above is the Hyderabad State Forces belonging to the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan Asif Jah VII in Operation Polo or Hyderabad Police Action (1948 Pic). When Indian army annexed that State.

The pictures are proof enough of how well managed and disciplined that State was before the annexation. Image you posted is halfway down this page below.

Learn your history before commenting on others.
Hyd stage was managed and disciplined, even Mir Usman Ali Khan didn't have such a high esteem.
Do you know the origin of the word Razakar?
Do you know there was large scale people movement and who organized it?
Nizam said "The vultures have resigned. I don't know what to do".
In his only radio speech
""In November last [1947], a small group which had organized a quasi-military organization surrounded the homes of my Prime Minister, the Nawab of Chhatari, in whose wisdom I had complete confidence, and of Sir Walter Monkton, my constitutional Adviser, by duress compelled the Nawab and other trusted ministers to resign and forced the Laik Ali Ministry on me. This group headed by Kasim Razvi had no stake in the country or any record of service behind it. By methods reminiscent of Hitlerite Germany it took possession of the State, spread terror ... and rendered me completely helpless"
Trivia - General Jayanto Nath Chaudhuri who was instrumental in Operation Polo was a Bengali born in present day Bangladesh.


Sep 9, 2022
Population is certainly a problem but that is reducing very fast. We shall stabilize it in the decade of 40s and reduce thereafter. Had we taken stringent measures, we too would have ended up with an old population like china. We tried to educate people rather than forcing them to have one child and saved ourselves from Chaos like China.
2. Pollution
India is the only country on track to reduce temperature by 2 degrees by 2030. Our PM get environment award for that.
3. Dirty, Chaotic and LOUD
Our clean India drive has improved the cleanliness a lot. Yes it is loud but never chaotic.
4. Environment
Environment is fine with lots of sunshine and only country with 6 season. Our green cover is improving, ground water improvement measures are on fast track, pollution is coming under control. We are on right track.
5. Sanitation and Drinking Water
We now have 99%+ Sanitization facilities. Drinking water issue is by and large sorted out totally.
6. Corruption
Corruption was a big issue but we do not have any scam since Modi came into power. We have taken a giant leap in corruption index.
7. Crooked Incompetent Politicians
Our PM is continuously ranked most popular PM by various agencies. Crooked politicians is a thing of past. Now we have the politicians we work 18 to 20 hours a day without any holiday to develop the nation.
8. Overly Religious and Superstitious

We are overly religious and it is our strength. Indian religion and culture is their strength. India has never fought with any country on the name of religion unlike Abrahamic religions who who are fighting on the name of religion.
9. Mistreatment of Women
Never in the history of India, a word like "Witch hunting" has ever emerged. In India, there are more women deities than men deities unlike some religion where the women are sex objects and considered to have only half intelect of men.

10. Mistreatment of Minorities
When Israel was established, they passed a vote fo thanks to India and said that it was the only country where Jews were not prosecuted. Here a tiny minority like Parsi with less than 0.01 pc of population has never witnessed any mistreatment. Some traders of fake minority right play this card when their political objective is not mate. We do not have any such Problem in India.

11. Free Speech and Journalism
Those who abuses Majority, Rulling party and Prime minister on behalf of their master who funds them gets caught in financial scam, they play this card. Infact there is no such things as free speech issue.
12. Literacy and Education
The country who provides world with maximum numbers of top quality engineers, doctors, researchers, educationist, CEOs, has education issue!!!!!!!
13. Unemployment
Yes, this is a problem because of huge population like many other country.
14. Poverty
We have lifted 260 million people out of poverty in in a decade and half. As per IMF, Hunger poverty in India is less than 1Pc.
15. Democracy with a small d
Indian democracy is a role model. We provide all facilities in remotest area with only one voter the voting facility. Indian election is the biggest administrative exercise of the world and many people comes to India to see it in election season.
16. Red Tape
Red tap was a big issue but ease of doing business has proved that it has gone down a lot. This is the reason why we get huge FDI in last few years.

17. Finally, a meta-problem — Sensitivity to Criticism and Twisted Sense of Patriotism

With the progress of India, many people and groups have popped up to demonized India. When they are countered in social media, they predict it as intolerance. Infact, they are intolerant.
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Apr 28, 2022
  1. Population
For a sexually conservative nation, India has had fantastic population growth rates. Recently, India sneakily crossed the total population of China. At the time of this writing, the total Indian population stands at 1.406 billion. India was already one of the most densely populated nations (densest among the medium-to-large nations) in the world a long time ago. India’s overpopulation has a multiplier effect on all of its major problems including pollution, low literacy rates, poor health care, poverty — pretty much every issue I will be highlighting below.
You will be happy to know that Indian fertility rate has been below 2.2 lately. Thats below replacement rate. Indian population will peak around 2040 or so and will decline from there on.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has a fertility rate of 3.45! Alhamidulla!

India is at the very bottom when it comes to pollution rankings, whether it is air, land or water pollution. I present some random facts — the references I list below, provide plenty of depth & nuance. Out of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, 21 are in India. Ironically, Yamuna & Ganga which are considered holy, are one of the most polluted rivers in the world. One can find everything in these rivers: industrial waste, biological waste, litter, semi-cremated human dead-bodies, rotting animal dead-bodies, feces etc. It is customary for Hindu Indians to routinely take a dip in these waters. 86 percent of Indian bodies of water are deemed critically polluted. India can brag about mountains of trash. Pretty much every street in India is litter-infested, caused both by habits of its citizens and lack of trash bins. New Delhi, the capital of India, routinely goes into lock-down mode for excessive air pollution. The smog is sometimes so thick, it causes vehicular accidents.
Nothing to do with "India" as political entity. But you will be happy to know that lately due to effort of Indian government, Indian water bodies are getting better and fast.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, one third of the country is like this.

India is an overwhelmingly dirty country. I list this separately from my point about pollution because here I am not trying to make a point about health or environment. My point is about beauty (or lack thereof); about mere sights and sounds (and smells). Anybody who has traveled to India after being suckered by the travel ads that claim that India is “beautiful” & “colourful” is quickly & rudely shocked to see how dirty India is. The air often smells (something ones notices as soon they step out of their airplane in India). The sights are utterly unappealing. There is overcrowding, trash & litter virtually everywhere. Walls are covered with spit & urine stains. People honk constantly while driving for no apparent reason. Walk down any street in India that has traffic and all you will hear is “beep, meep, beep, meep” of the vehicles. Traffic is insane. There are no stop signs; no yield signs. Folks overtake from either lanes. There is zero lane discipline — folks will drive over the painted lines —six vehicles side-by-side within just two lanes. No one uses their turn signal or cares to look over their shoulder into their blind spot. Cars, motorcycles, scooters, buses, trucks, vans, auto-rickshaws, stray dogs and retired cattle crisscross the streets. One would be hard pressed to find beauty, silence and solitude in India. A feeling one gets while in India is that of being violently assailed through the senses.
What you said equally applies to a hell lot of countries like B'Desh, Pakistan (ever been to Karachi?), Sri Lanka (their beaches stink!) and lets not even talk about Africa.

As far as beep beep meep goes, try being stuck in traffic in london. its fun!

India has Environmental Performance Index of 177th amongst 180 countries. India was a country of beautiful nature in the past, but now it has a mere 24% of forest cover. India is responsible for 7% of the global CO2 emissions. At the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26), India bragged that it will be net neutral in 2070, instead of the year the countries were asked to be net neutral i.e. 2030. Conversation about environment is virtually non-existent whether in the political circles, academia, news, media or day-to-day lives of ordinary citizens.
Here is carbon emission of various countries


Taken over all, India is not even in the same ballpark as likes of USA and China.

India is at the bottom of the ranking when it comes to sanitation and clean drinking water. 732 million (twice the population of USA) Indians do not have basic sanitation, according to a study by WaterAid in 2017. India has EPI santitation ranking of 145th out of 189 countries, as per Yale. India ranks 120th among 122 countries for quality of drinking water, as per WaterAid. 15% of Indian population defecates in the open, as per WorldBank.
Both of your data is false.
India has merely 19 million people lacking access to toilet. Pakistan has 15 million people. The WaterAid report that you gleefully read uses OLD data.
Now coming to quality of drinking water. The ranking you mentioned does not exists and is lie. BTW, according to world bank, more Pakistani are underfed right now.

Quite simply put, most Indians do not perceive their country as a nation of rules, let alone laws. India’s corruption runs deep. It also runs broad, encompassing pretty much every sector: DMVs, police stations, courts, government offices, corporations, education systems, medical establishments, and of course, politics. India has a corruption perception index of 85th out of 180. 51% of respondents of a survey by Transparency International India said they had paid a bribe at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes the bribes are a blessing given some of India’s archaic or draconian laws such as suicide attempts being a crime, sedition etc, and massively backlogged court systems. One should weep for their country, if bribes are often the more prudent way around the insane laws, law enforcement, and justice system.
India : Rank 85/180
Pakistan : 140/180

I wonder why you did not quote ranking this time?

Let us say politicians the world over are special people — ratas con dos patas. But Indian politicians are special even amongst politicians. If you are uneducated and criminal in India, you have a bright future in Indian politics. The estimates range from 30% to 50% of Indian MPs (members of parliament) and MLAs (members of legislative assembly) have criminal cases against them. Roughly 40% of Indian ministers have only high school education. Politicians in India often use tribalism and religion & caste issues to sow division and incite violence among the general population to stay in power. Most of them are either fanatics, jingoists, nepotists or populists. Some of them are communists (yes, that ideology that has proven itself to fail time and time again). All of them are corrupt and/or incompetent.
After having likes of Nawaz sharif, Diesel in your country you DARE to finger point at India? :rofl:

In other words, irrational. India has thousands of superstitions and a multitude of religions. Scientific bent of mind and rationality are commodities that are hard to come by under the smog of religious beliefs, mystical thinking, extreme conservatism, and ancient superstitions.
Says someone whose Country is "Islamic State". Lets face it. Pakistan made Quran into law. I mean a hateful book from 1400s is law of the nation :rofl:

Dowry, Sati (fortunately Sati has been in major decline), poor access to education & opportunity, forced arranged marriages, child marriages, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, honour killings, poor access to women’s healthcare and birth control, just to name a few challenges an Indian woman faces even in 2022. An average Indian’s woman in India has a life that is way harder than an average Indian man. According to World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report of 2021, India has Global Gender Gap Index of 140th out of 156 countries. India is the world’s most dangerous country for women due to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labor, according to a poll of global experts conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Err... You DO know last sati happened 40-50 years back and that was just ONE incidence/\.

India’s caste system is famous enough that I do not need to expand on it. India’s treatment of minority groups like Muslims, Adivasis (forest tribes), Dalits (lower caste) etc increasingly makes headlines all over the world. Given the current ruling party is a ultra-right Hindu jingoist, nationalist party, this mistreatment often has major political backing & funding and hence is projected to increase.
You have seen PEW report on caste, have you?

Not only do most Indians say that lower castes do not experience a lot of discrimination, but a strong majority (82%) say they have not personally felt caste discrimination in the past 12 months.

Yes, my dear, MOST Indians do not feel discriminated due to caste. And lower caste people in India are in majority.

Indian politicians are famously sensitive to criticism. India is ranked 140th out of 180 countries for freedom of press. Then again, freedom of press only matters if the press demonstrates journalistic integrity and accurate reporting. However, most of Indian news media is Fox News on steroids — sensationalist sycophants looking to get brownie points with a jingoist, populist, extreme right-wing, fascist political party in power, whilst making ads revenue. Have you heard of Arnab Goswami? He copied Bill O’ Riley and the format of 24-hr news with ads. Soon, other Indian TV news channels copied Arnab Goswami. And now, when you read an Indian newspaper or watch news on an Indian TV channel, it is a deafening & blinding cacophony of lies.
Says a Pakistani, where one can not criticise Islam or Mohemmed. Heck even mentioning DHA gets you in trouble :rofl:

25% of the Indian population is I-cannot-write-my-own-name-so-I-have-to-thumb-print-this-document illiterate. Only 8% of the Indian population have college degrees. There is major brain drain from India to other countries. The educational material is often outdated. School and college facilities are underdeveloped or dilapidated. Most Indian students are taught rote memorization instead of being taught critical thinking and creativity.
I will just leave it here.

BTW, Pakistan is a rare country which has experienced -ve growth of literacy.

India is undergoing a major unemployment crisis with close to 8% unemployment rate. It has roughly 50% labour force participation rate.

India has not counted its poor since 2011. What one does not measure, one cannot be held accountable for, seems to be the motto of the Indian Govt. Estimates range widely. For example, United Nations estimated the number of poor in the country to be 364 million in 2019, or 28 per cent of the population. Despite the variance in estimates, every reliable source agrees that India has one of the highest rates of poverty in the world. India is ranked 101st out of 116 countries on Global Hunger Index.
What you are referring to is called census. And lets not forget Pakistan had a haitus of 20-30 years in that.

Now coming to poverty ...

In India you can still buy NON rotten eggs for INR 8. Pakistan that number if PRK 25 and you get a rotten egg. go figure!

Every time I hear, “India is the world’s largest democracy”, I roll my eyes.

US-based non-profit Freedom House downgraded India from a free democracy to a “partially free democracy”. Sweden-based V-Dem Institute says India had become an “electoral autocracy”. Democracy is not just occurrence of fair elections. It is a result of manifestation of many values such as freedom of speech, civil discourse, freedom of press, equality of rights, equality of opportunity, protection of minorities, rule of law, civic sense, sense of community, absence of corruption, globalism, secularism, effective public/Govt institutions & bureaucracies, meritocracy, separation of justice system, law enforcement, military and government etc. A depraved, uneducated, easily-riled, easily-beguiled, tribalistic populace, cyclically electing corrupt & incompetent politicians into power, is not democracy with a capital D.
We elect our leaders. Pakistan get them nominated by Pentagon and Lumber one force.

Any experience with any Indian organization, usually the ones run by the public/government sector whether it is the DMV, electricity department, phone department, passport/visa consulates, tax department, schools, post offices etc is often a soul crushing kafkaesque affair. There are often piles of forms to fill out, long lines to stand in, absurd rules, delays, bribes and incompetent civil servants involved. Even buying a bus ticket is a chore in India. All countries have bureaucracy, but the Indian bureaucracy puts even the communists to shame.
There is this thing called ease of doing business.
India is at 62.
Pakistan at 108.
Bangladesh 168.



Apr 28, 2022
  • Total fertility rate (number of children born to each woman) in Bangladesh is way lower (2.15 children) vs 2.4 children in India.
False. 2019 India fertility rate is 2.2

  • Contraceptive prevalence, any method (% of married women ages 15-49) - Bangladesh is 63%, India 54% (2016, latest available from India).
2019 data shows 8.7 % jump.

  • Despite spending 3.8% of GDP for education (vs. 1.5% of GDP in Bangladesh) - Indian rate of literacy is not dramatically better.
Let me know when a single university of Bangladesh makes to top 200 or so in QS Ranking.



Need I say more?

Didn't India lose 5 million to COVID last year?
Pakistan did worse at an excess mortality rate of 152.7 vs 152.5 of India.
Pakistan lost some 660,000 odd people to covid.

  • GDP per capita nominal is better than India ($2503) vs. $2277 for India (2021).
LOL Bilal!

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Sep 9, 2022
There’s a 1:10 difference between Lakh and million.
View attachment 878164

Thanks for accepting you’re a 3rd world country, else we were hearing Asian Tiger nonsense everyday :lol:.

Look at the patriotism of BD. The total market capitalization of BD is about 40% net worth of Gautah Adani and less than 1/5th of Adani group alone is saying that they are ahead of India economically. I love their patriotism.

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