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In the Line of Duty: 10 Corps’ Flood Relief Efforts


Aug 18, 2015
Pakistan Army is the most disciplined, organized and coveted institute of the country. It is the organization that has played a pivotal role in the disaster management history of Pakistan. Instilled with the spirit of sacrifice and selflessness, our army is always fully geared and forthcoming to assist the general public and government during the natural calamities and emergencies.

Army’s role during crises like floods, earthquakes or any hazard remained exemplary and worth praising. During the current floods, once the routine life was paralyzed across the country, Army as usual stood beyond the call of duty. Skills in training with professional excellence are the hallmark of Pakistan Army, making it a readily available force to carryout rescue and relief operations with support activities during the emergency situations.


The instinctive urge of self-sacrifice, for which Pakistan Army is renowned in the world, is matchless. Being a Public Relations officer, once I was monitoring and covering the flood relief efforts in my Corps’ area of responsibility, I happened to meet many soldiers full of spirit to help the flood affectees. One of them was performing his duties diligently, despite having his own house completely damaged in the flood, forgetting his own loss and pain to stand with the nation in the line of duty, making him a true reflection of a Pakistan Army soldier, where from a General Officer to Sepoy, everyone is ready to sacrifice their comfort and willing to give their life for the comfort of their countrymen.

On the instructions of Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa, HI (M) Pakistan Army started rescue and relief operation and assisted the civil administration in managing the disaster by providing relief to the affected people and restoring essential infrastructure.


The unconditional love between the Army and public is a true manifestation of an unbreakable bond that any country has with its armed forces.

Army established many relief centers and collection points. 10 Corps had initially established 64 collection points, but with the help and trust of the general public, so far 10 Corps has distributed 12,454 tons of food items, 3,192,240 sustenance items and dispatched 215 trucks to the flood affected areas (a detailed chart is appended below).

Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Sahir Shamshad Mirza, HI (M) personally supervised the relief efforts, visited far-flung flood affected areas and expressed his satisfaction. In Kohistan (Uchar Valley), a Pakistan Army aviation pilot, through his skills and courage, rescued a person stranded in a massive flash flood at Uchar Nullah. COAS appreciated the selfless role of Pakistan Army during the rescue and relief operation. He himself visited the flood affected areas across the country and reiterated the determination that “in this hour of distress, Pakistan Army will use all its resources to rescue and rehabilitate the general public.” He expressed Pakistan Army’s resolve in these words, “The safety and wellbeing of our countrymen comes first and we won’t rest until each one of the flood affected is not only reached, but rehabilitated, no matter how much effort is required”.

Pakistani nation’s unconditional love, trust and faith in Pakistan army serves as a building block between the army and public. It’s a strong, unshakeable and long-lasting bond as Pakistan Army always stands ready during all odds and challenges and is determined not fail the nation in any test and trial.


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