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May 1, 2007
I’d like to see you say that to the men on the border, perhaps in siachen.
Unko larna nahi ata ?? Why don’t the types of you take your family to siachen, lets see u defend the country up there

So when r u taking your family there ?? Since fauj to kisi qabil nahi, shayad aap behter hain right? Go take your family and replace the boys at the borders.
Lets see how long u last out there mr hero

Hopefully software is updated.
These wef agent-journalists are a curse upon us. Sab k sab bas apne channel k hero banay huway
They’ve spread so much hate in the country that its appalling, playing into the hands of india/west

These youtubers will surely one day face judgement. Along with all others. Includes the corrupt bajwa/faiz etc.
Shut up! Unlike you, I am living in Pakistan and facing the brunt of the collective haramzadi done by the imported government and its backers in the establishment. Every Pakistani is while the likes of you are living comfortably in Canada lecturing others. My problem isn't with the soldiers fighting on the borders, woh bachara to khud gareeb ka bacha hota hain or jaan be wohi qurbaan kerta hain, i have problem with the likes of Bajawa the haramzada and his backers still present within the military, my problem is with the likes of Ayub, Yaha Khan, Zia who have brought Pakistan to its knees by constantly interfering in politics and power handling and letting haramkhor back to power.
As for judgment, the only judgments anyone will face are these haramis and people are on the edge so much so that a small spark is going to burn their palaces down and you will watch this while sitting comfortably in Canada. So don't give me this BS. Put your money where your mouth is and come back to Pakistan and then talk about the circumstances Pakistanis are living in.

Crimson Blue

Nov 7, 2019
United States
But ISI faxed the list to him about 9 names.

Alright lets do it then.

Things have been leaking out about the plan of Boys and have been proven correct during the course of 2022. This particular person may not be 100% right but things are happening as they were leaked.

For example following plan was of Gen. Faisal Naseer was leaked out back in August 2022.


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