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Imran Khan’s Respect Abroad


Sep 24, 2018
United States
United States
and yet hindu majority support a mass murdering bigot like modi & co


so much for your rocket scientists...

For the outside world they see bankrupt state versus one that is not bankrupt you cannot dictate to outsiders what they choose to see.
Sheltering dudes like OBL does not help your image


Apr 30, 2012
Today I was getting Shawarma after my University finished in Downtown Toronto. I walked into the shop and ordered a shawarma. While he was preparing the shawarma for me he asked me where I’m from. I said Pakistan. He suddenly asked about Imran Khan and if they managed to arrest him yet or not. He told me Imran Khan is a very good guy and we Pakistanis should protect him. He went all praise for Imran Khan and told us to resist against the people wanting to arrest and silence him. He told me Imran Khan spoke up to America so now they’ll try to silence him like they did to other leaders.
I was speechless seeing an Arab guy praising Imran Khan and caring more about his well being then me. He said he’s following Pakistani politics closely because of Imran Khan. I had a moment of pride being Pakistani when the Arab guy said all this but, it quickly faded away knowing who’s in power in Pakistan right now.

This is the type of leader I want of my country. I want a leader that’s well known and respected by the world. Imran Khan has his short falls but he had leadership characteristics and presented him self as a leader whereas now our so called “leaders” are calling us beggars in public. Imran Khan has managed to be respected worldwide by everyone.
The Prime Minister of a Country’s first job is to REPRESENT the people. Imran Khan has represented us in such a way that just saying your Pakistani gets you a huge amount of respect from people.

His respect is unmatched abroad compared to any other Pakistani, forget the leaders. Look at all the social media comments, they are all pro-Imran from Muslim and non-Muslim countries alike.

It is a fact, so many of my customers, mostly white English also know awful lot about IK.
They all talk good about him, and all know he would be pulled down by the corrupt thugs.
Some arab guys I have come across said the same thing like OP narrated. Arab public are taking close interest in Pakistan's politics due to Imran Khan.

I had a White colleague , we used to talk about Pakistani politics during lunch breaks etc before the last elections. He said to me that if IK wins, the corrupt thugs would either pull him down or kill him. He wouldn't be allowed to do anything against corruption.
The guy was a PHD, he was right, the current situation bearing all the marks of what he used to discuss with me.

I have a few Turk and Afghan friends who are "secular" but really want Imran Khan to come back to power and "strengthen the Muslim world".

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