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Imran Khan threatens to protest against Election Commission of Pakistan

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    Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Chairman, said on Monday, we might carry out street protests to coerce Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct free and fair election.

    While talking to the Pakistani media he said, “We will accept the Supreme Court’s judgment on Panamagate … we will not come out onto streets, even if it is against our expectations but we may mount public protests against Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), forcing it to hold free and fair elections.”

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    Explaining his position further, Khan said; there was no need for him to take the Panama Papers case to Supreme Court; his attempts are not to politically damage Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan. But his real aim is to eliminate corruption from this country; he added. Khan then argued that had some institutions – indirect reference towards NAB – not been so badly exposed, there was no need for him to take the case to Supreme Court.

    No Need of going to Supreme Court if Pakistan was a normal democracy

    In the last week of Feb, most parties finally supported the Nawaz government in extension of Military courts, however PPP under Asif Ali Zardari has now offered to agree on a one year extension. PMLN is ready to enter into more dialogue with PPP. PTI sources believe that PPP has no solutions and is only doing dramatics, in pubic arena, to enhance its political stature as an opposition.

    PTI leaders have pointed many times in the past that had Pakistan been a normal democratic country, then a prime minister in the situation of Nawaz Sharif, facing the kind of corruption allegations he did, would have resigned long time ago. No one would have needed to go to supreme court or any court.

    Harping further on the theme of corruption he said: “What is corruption? Corruption is to get financial benefits after coming into power and the same was done by the Sharif family”

    “I never went to school as many times as I visited the Supreme Court … It is a pleasure to see such competent judges (who) are … more aware of the (importance of the) instant matter..”

    He then shifted gear and while admitting that he failed paying full attention to Sindh and KPK because of his hectic routine, he asserted, “I will soon visit Sindh and give surprises.”. What those surprises may be he never explained, leaving his listeners wondering what he is now hinting at.

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    Regarding military courts Khan’s response to questions was: “We do not want to create an impression that PTI is creating hurdles in restoring peace and eradicating terrorism from the country,”

    Adding, in his usual candidness, he agreed the province of KPK, being ruled by his party, has faults too, but he asserted that he has learnt important lessons from his mistakes and claimed, that PTI candidates will be different in the next elections. He again reiterated his often repeated claim that his party, PTI, will make a clean sweep in next elections. He said this will happen on the grounds of party’s good performance in KPK. Khan’s emphasis was on the de-politicization of the police and reform of education sector. KPK Police, over the past few years, has become the standard bearer of “good policing” in Pakistan.

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