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Imran Khan talks about Pakistan's Economic Challenges and Way Forward [23 Minutes]


Nov 29, 2017
Why does that make you so butt hurt? No one asked you to watch them.
Because I was previously asked by guys like you to watch them, participate and all that shet for the sake of patriotism. No more. I am out.

Continue and keep calling others coward/lazy/traitor who don't support your so called Messiah.


Feb 16, 2018
United Kingdom
Because I was previously asked by guys like you to watch them, participate and all that shet for the sake of patriotism. No more. I am out.

Continue and keep calling others coward/lazy/traitor who don't support your so called Messiah.
I don't care who asked you, if it wasn't me, don't reply to me with your stupidity.

lightning F57

Feb 28, 2022
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
What I dont get is, if you hate IK so much then how in gods name can you like and support the current regime. This regime has robbed pak last 3 decades and has now got the country on verge of bankruptcy. Still close your eyes to that and take a pop at IK anyway. His far from perfect but 100 times better than the current regime.


Sep 5, 2006
United Kingdom
The followers of the uncrowned lame corruption king of the world of fools still believe that with the blessings of Dabba Peerni's black magics the commander in chief will be made the one who will make our lame king again.

Please tell us what are the achievements of PDM government??

General Dong

Jul 24, 2021
United States
Record Achievements of PTI Government in 3.5 Years

These achievements are the reason the West wants Imran Khan ousted. Puppet government is installed so Pakistan's never gets out of IMF debt trap.

IK government was making Pakistan head towards sustainable economy, with policies solely directed towards welfare of low-income people.

Most of this progress was done under Covid-19, where economic giants struggled but Pakistan shined.

Written by Mubashir Hassan
Credit should be given where it lies.

What Imran khan did after coming in Govt despite everyone in system against him (50+ things what I remember & could jot down)

1. Promised to strike back India if it attacks Pak - Next day 2 Indian jets were down & Abhinandan here

2. Ensured no Drone attack in his tenure against 400 drone attacks in PPP & PMLN

3. Started 3 big dams against 41 rental plants of PPP & PMLN

4. Raised Exports to 38Billion US Dollars in 3 years which were stuck to 21 Billion USD in last 10 years of PPP & PMLN

5. Fought Islamophobia (hate speech’s against Prophet and targeting Muslims for Hijab and beard) at UN and every forum & got it recognized by UN, showing his extreme Love for Prophet and Islam

6. Labelled Modi as Hitler and BJP as Nazi party at UN Address to World Presidents, where no one else even uttered a word when even Kalbhoshan was arrested

7. Got Rikodiq 11 Billion USD penalty removed and turned into 9 Billion USD investment by same company

8. Got PIA operational loss to zero

9. Huge turnout in Construction industry with more than 6000 big projects started providing 8 Lac new jobs, even when Corona was at peak

10. Textile sector matches exports (20 Billion USD) from 9-11 Billion USD

11. Billion tress Tsunami (2 billion already planted) when trees were wiped out and forest ministry was most expensive ministry on sale and no one ever thought of Climate change turning Pakistan into desert with rising temperatures, funny thing it was (now Pakistan Presiding member of World Environment & Climate Change Body)

12. Bumper crops production, wheat, sugar, cotton, rice which were diminished earlier

13. 2x new big canals after 50 yr and work at full swing

14. J-10 Fighter to PAF after 1983 no fighter inducted except JF-17

15. Compelled Banks to provide lowest mortgage for house (billions already given to poor)

16. Record production of Cars, tractors, motorcycles

17. Countrywide Medical /health insurance to every poor family

18. 150 x Shelter /food to poor (Panahgah) when he saw a photo of poor family sleeping in winter on footpath

19. Single National curriculum System in entire country against 10%(A levels and English schools elite) ruling the entire country

20. Online Citizen portal giving common citizen to nab the corrupt system of Administration
(Over 4.5 Million people linked with system & satisfied).

21. Called out Trump on tweet after Trump blamed Pakistan for terrorism ... compelled him to invite Imran Khan as state guest in USA

22. Address to 40,000 Pakistanis Jalsa in USA to show the strength of Pakistan in America.

23. Ended US war in Afghanistan and throwing all anti Pakistan elements out of Afghanistan

24. Got 3 Billion USD through Roshan Digital accounts from overseas Pakistan

25. Increased Foreign remittances to 31 Billion US Dollars from 19 Billion US Dollars

26. Said “Absolutely Not” to big powers where everyone lied flat on only one telephone call

27. Controlled Corona & evaded lockdown despite all pressure, compelled WHO / UN to say
“Learn from Pakistan”

28. Visited Russia and was honored with 3 hours meeting despite starting of war the same day

29. Tackled Stunted growth of Pakistani children

30. Started multiple tourism projects /jobs and Discover Pakistan Channel & Skardu International Airport

31. Pakistan Unemployment lowest in entire region

32. New HD PTV Channel News

33. Pakistani cricket at its best after Ramez Raja became PCB Chairman

34. No buying of News channels and Anchors like PMLN

35. IT (computers software) sector at its peak with over 2 Billion USD exports (100 % Jump) & over 5 Lacs new jobs & free lancers

36. Over 1,50,000 new companies registered (10 times more than previous Govts)

37. Multiple new Universities & Rehmat Ul Almeen Authority

38. All major cases against Women solved & criminals arrested and given death sentence (Sialkot Motorway, Islamabad Noor Muqadam, Usman Mirza E-11 videos)

39. Relations with Iran, China, Russia, KSA all equal unlike previous grouping

40. Never lived in PM house unlike previous who not only lived in PM house but made their own houses as Camp houses to bear expenses at state expense

41. No lavish foreign tours and traveling on local PIA Flights or PAF small plane unlike special Boeing with hundreds of family members and anchors on state expense

42. Merged poor FATA with KP, so that no one dares to attack a region know as lawless tribal area on Pak-Afghan border

43. Won 2 Additional Govts in GB & AJK to prove its party of all Pakistani nation unlike PMLN of Punjab & PPP of poor rural Sindh

44. Got First National Security Policy of Pakistan

45. Made a Doctor President of Pakistan instead of Mr 10 percent

46. No corruption case against him. Tax collection at its peak (Rs 6000 Billion).

47. Told truth to entire Pakistan that yes we had a PIA Crash as many pilots had fake license, though we had to suffer but Alhumdulilah no crash since then

48. Gave Ehsas programme (over 100 programmes) to eliminate poverty and called as 4th best programme in world by World Bank

49. Loan of over Rs 30-50 Billion given to youth (Kamyab Jawan) instead of laptops for publicity

50. First time mobile phones production in Pakistan, now over 70% mobiles produced in Pakistan. Electric bikes factories and computer processors also started

51. Severe action against smuggling, controlling now 50 % smuggling by fencing of borders. New Industry at r ise in every field including tryes factory inaugurated yesterday (only which had 3 Billion Dollars smuggling)

I salute you, you are a better man than me. I wanted to answer Butt Saabs joke of a post, but lacked the energy and willingness to educate a patwari. After all arguing with Patwaris is meaningless. Instead I chose to "ignore" him. I suggest others do the same, all his posts are of him bashing IK while failing to say anything about PDMs incompetency and corruption
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